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IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

IAB Australia is inviting Public Comment on the IAB NEW STANDARD AD UNIT PORTFOLIO

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IAB Viewability Whitepaper - Open for Comment

Dec, 2016
The Taskforce was set up several months ago to develop a consistent definition and understanding of viewability which will enable publishers, agencies and advertiser to have more informed conversations about what they are buying or selling.

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IAB Affiliate Marketing Handbook

The Affiliate Handbook outlines the basic mechanisms of the practice, the different types of Affiliates, the key players in the local markets, the role of content; and how to capitalise on mobile and other technologies.

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Ad Blocking in Australia

The latest IAB AdBlocking in Australia study shows almost 30% of Australian consumers are now using ad blocking technology on one of their devices and that a fear of viruses and malware is the most common reason for installing the software.

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What's On

Programmatic Summit 2017

March 2, Sydney

The IAB is proud to partner with Ashton Media for the third year for ANZ's only dedicated programmatic advertising conference - the Programmatic Summit.

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Real-Time Academy

The Real-time Advertising (RTA) Academy is an educational program for marketers to gain key skills to keep apace in a rapidly evolving digital advertising industry. To date, over 3,000 marketers have graduated from the RTA globally.

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Ad Blocking: The Consumer Perspective

IAB IG AdBlocking WEB

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Total Australian Ad Market


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