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Marketers continue to reinvest strongly in digital advertising

Australian marketers support for digital advertising has continued to strengthen, with the latest data from PwC showing that overall digital advertising revenues have increased 11% year on year, while video has increased 45% year on year.

All online categories experienced growth in FY2018

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Industry collaboration delivers unprecedented Digital Advertising Practices

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Federation of Australia (MFA) have released the industry’s first agreed set of digital working practices to support advertisers, agencies, publishers and digital platforms.

Australian Digital Advertising Practices

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Device Ownership & Trends - July 2018

The IAB Measurement Council reviews and assesses enumeration and currency data every month to ensure the currency continues to evolve and reflect consumer media usage habits.

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Mobile Advertising and Location Data

This three-part short video series aims to demystify some of the more confusing aspects of location-based advertising and help educate marketers, agencies and advertisers as to the best uses of the data and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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IAB Creative Resources

In digital, creative can somtimes come second to reach, frequency and targeting. On this page we have rounded up our latest creative resources, designed to fully embrace creative in digital advertising in all shapes, sizes and formats.

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What's On

IAB MeasureUp 2018

On Thursday, 1 November 2018 IAB Australia will be hosting the MeasureUp conference, bringing together the smartest local and overseas brains in measurement to shed light and provide perspective. Meaningful keynotes and panels will set out to shape measurement application in Australia for the next twelve months and beyond.

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IAB Digital Ad Ops Sydney 2018

IAB's Digital Ad Ops Conference is coming to Sydney on Wednesday, 14 November 2018. Digital Ad Ops will cover local and global trends affecting the online advertising industry from an AdOp and TechOps perspective; an engaging panel discussion on considerations and options for developing your career in Ops and an inspirational working panel of senior tech ops industry experts delivering best practice presentations on critical topics.

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Get involved

Our events provide guests with opportunities to learn from, and network alongside, industry experts. Want to get involved as a speaker or sponsor?

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Online Advertising Expenditure Report Infographic - FY2018

Online Advertising Expenditure Report FY2018 Infographic

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Digital Landscape Infographic - July 2018

Digital Landscape Infographic July 2018

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