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Industry collaboration delivers unprecedented Digital Advertising Practices

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Federation of Australia (MFA) have today released the industry’s first agreed set of digital working practices to support advertisers, agencies, publishers and digital platforms.

Australian Digital Advertising Practices

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General Display steals back marketers' hearts in Q1 2018

For the quarter ended March 2018, the total market spend was $2.1 billion – a 13.2 percent year-on-year increase for the quarter – with much of that growth driven by the rapidly expanding video market.


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IAB Creative Resources

In digital, creative can somtimes come second to reach, frequency and targeting. On this page we have rounded up our latest creative resources, designed to fully embrace creative in digital advertising in all shapes, sizes and formats.

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IAB Podcasting Measurement Guidance and Local Market Update

An Australian market update as well as guidance on measuring both content and ads in podcasting environments, building on the work developed by the IAB Tech Lab's Podcast Technical Working Group.

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Live Video Streaming: Australia and the World

In this global study, 4200 ‘live video streamers’ were recruited from 21 countries, looking at device and content consumption trends across different markets.

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Upcoming Events 

The IAB hosts a range of educational, inspirational and informative events, providing our members with opportunities to learn from, and network alongside, industry experts. See what we have planned for 2018.

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Interested in speaking or sponsorship opportunites?

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Mobile Advertising Council Event

RIP Mobile? Join us on Wednesday, 22nd August as we discuss key topics in the Australian mobile landscape. We will be celebrating an Australian win for mobile at Cannes 2018, hosting a panel discussion on 'location', and addressing recent comments by Mediacom's Global Head of Mobile, Ben Phillips, who is predicting the end of mobile as we know it.

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IAB MeasureUp 2018

On Thursday, 1 November 2018 IAB Australia will be hosting the MeasureUp conference, bringing together the smartest local and overseas brains in measurement to shed light and provide perspective. Meaningful keynotes and panels will set out to shape measurement application in Australia for the next twelve months and beyond. More details to come soon.

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Online Advertising Expenditure Report Infographic - Q1 2018

Online Advertising Expenditure Report Infographic Q1 2018

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Digital Landscape Infographic - April 2018

Digital Landscape Infographic April 2018

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