IAB offices can be found in various parts of the world: there are now 45 IABs worldwide. We encourage you to visit their sites, find out what they have on their agendas, and pursue membership opportunities wherever you or your company is doing business, as all IABs operate independently and no international membership is available at this stage.

International IABs


South and Central America

Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia
Ecuador Peru Uruguay  


Asia Pacific

Australia IIACC (China) New Zealand Singapore



Austria BVDW (Germany) Belgium Belarus
Bulgaria Europe FDIM (Denmark) Finland
France Greece Hungary INAMA (Croatia)
INMA (Norway) Ireland Italy Macedonia
Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Kingdom Ukraine    


North America

Canada Mexico USA Caribbean



South Africa      


(Click on the individual countries above to be directed to their own IAB website)



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