Choosi - IAB Australia Best Practice Audio Creative

Eardrum and IAB Australia Audio Council Develop Best Practice Creative for Choosi Audio Advertising


We live in a world where we have more choice than ever. But instead of making things easier, consumers are overwhelmed with options and find it harder than ever to choose what's right for them.

The Concept

This is where Choosi's team of Choosers come in.

Choosi's helpful trio in blue appear when you need them most – when you're trying to make a tough decision. They'll help you compare your options and then pick the one that's right for you.

Brand voice

Choosi team

Visually, Choosi's point of difference is the trio of Choosers in blue who appear when you need them most – when you're thinking about getting insurance. To extend the concept into audio and create a distinctive audio asset, we will use 3 voices in each execution – to highlight Choosi's team of choosers. The harmonic 'Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Choosi' from the Choosi theme music was used as a distinctive brand asset.

Radio advertisements

Radio serves as a constant companion for listeners throughout the day. Listening is usually habitual, with audiences tuning into the same station at the same time of day and in the same place.

If you tailor your message to match the daypart it is broadcast, you will increase cut through and relevance.

With so much radio listening done in the car, Choosi’s radio ads will target specific audiences at the most relevant time of day for them.

In these examples, our Choosers speak to tradies about getting income protection insurance during their early morning commute

The 30-second ad would run at the start of the break, with the 15-second coming in at the end as another reminder that Choosi is ready to help you find the best deal on your insurance.

30 second radio
In this ad, 3 choosers speak to tradies about getting income protection insurance at the time of the day most relevant for them – during the early morning commute.
15 second radio
This 15 second spot would play at the tail of ad breaks during the morning commute, as another reminder that Choosi is ready to help you find the best deal on your insurance.

iHeartRadio ShakeMe

Some digital audio platforms like iHeartRadio, have ShakeMe technology available, where shaking your mobile triggers an interaction such as like making a phone call or opening a website.

As most radio listeners are using their hands or eyes for other things, this allows them to respond to an ad immediately and simply, making it ideal for direct response messages.

30 second iHeartRadio ShakeMe
We encourage users to shake their mobiles to activate the technology and call Choosi.


Because Spotify listeners are often curating the content themselves, they have higher levels of engagement. But because they have a sense of ownership to what they’re listening to, advertisers need to work harder to avoid being seen as an unwelcome interruption. This is achieved by making the message more relaxed, conversational and relevant to the playlist and the daypart. There is also less need for the creative to cut through as the environment is not as cluttered.

This platform allows advertisers to target very specifically, so to promote Life Insurance, Choosi wants to reach 25-40-year-old mothers about life insurance. They have identified that the ideal time is straight after the school drop off.

30 second Spotify targeted
Spotify allows you to target a very specific audience at specific times. For Life Insurance, Choosi wants to reach mothers 25-40yrs about life insurance. They have identified that the ideal time is straight after the school drop off.
30 second Spotify generic
Three Choosers speak rapidly, direct to the listener who’s in the middle of, well, listening to music.

Digital banners are displayed stimulatingly with Spotify audio ads. Therefore, asking your audience to “click the banner” in your call to action is a good best practice — as it’s the simplest way for the audience to, well, act.


Podcast Host Read

Much like a live read on radio, a host-read message at the start of a podcast needs to be in-keeping with the hosts regular style and ideally made relevant to the podcast subject matter.

In this example for Choosi, Greg Rust from Rusty’s Garage talks candidly about how hard it can be choosing a car to buy and why it helps to get advice. Which, when you think about it, is a lot like choosing the right insurance.

30 second pre-roll podcast ad
30 second host-read podcast ad

Digital Home Assistants

Smart speakers are making it easier for consumers to navigate and search online using their voice. This makes it harder for brands to have the same presence they had when appearing in sponsored search results. However, they can create useful apps and skills that are relevant to their category and will benefit their customers.

In this example, Choosi has created a voice app that guestimates the cost of insurance based on top line details you can speak into your Alexa device.

This makes it easy for customers to take the first step in getting a ballpark insurance quote, without having to enter detailed information on the website, or unleashing a determined salesperson.

The following is a sample conversation with the “Choosi Guestimate” skill on Alexa.

Sample conversation with Choosi Guestimate App on Amazon Alexa

On-hold message

While on-hold with Choosi, callers will hear a sample of Choosi’s new podcast to encourage downloads (and make wait-time far more interesting).

On-hold message