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Digital's Share of Entire Australian Market, CY 2016: Infographic and sources information table

Digital grew to 48.6% of the total Australia advertising market in calendar year 2016. 

Digital Data Best Practice Handbook - April 2017

Data is now so ubiquitous that it can often be overwhelming when looking to incorporate a strategy around data and how to go about it. Having a strategy around what you and your business intends to achieve by being more data-driven is critical, whether you are a publisher, marketer or advertising agency.

Sports in Digital Media Infographic

March saw 64% increase on time spent (vs Feb) on sports content supported by the start of the NRL and AFL Seasons.

Digital Fact Sheet - May 2017

Digital Fact Sheet summarising key points on the following topics:

  • Ad Revenue CY16
  • Viewability
  • Ad Blocking
  • Brand Safety
  • Invalid Traffic/Ad Fraud
Connecting People With Sport: 11.2m Australians Go Online For Sports Content

Sydney, Australia – 10 May 2017: March heralded the start of the AFL and NRL 2017 seasons. This, along with other sports events – both local and abroad – drove increases in Australians going online for sports-related content, according to data released by Nielsen.

Digital Online Landscape Infographic - Mar. 2017

Infographic snippet on the Digital Online Landscape March 2017.

Australian Online Landscape Review - Mar. 2017

The digital landscape in March 2017 saw Australians spend 69 hours surfing online across over 248 sessions per person.

Digital Device Trends

Infographic snippet of Mobile vs Tablet trends.

Brief History of Digital

Milestones in the development of Digital.

Mobile Location Data Handbook - April 2017

The proliferation of smartphone usage and people are becoming increasingly comfortable sharing location data with the various apps they use, which has allowed advertisers access very valuable actionable insights into where consumers have historically been and also personalise ads in real-time based upon current location.

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