Mobile Video 2015: A global perspective

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, in conjunction with 23 other IABs and other partners around the world, seek primary research that will compare and contrast the role of mobile in the lives of consumers around to world for mobile video usage.

Top Take Homes

• Mobile video is not only a short-form phenomenon – 36% of smartphone video
viewers surveyed say they watch long-form videos (5 minutes or longer) daily or more
frequently, as compared to 58% of respondents who say they watch short videos (under
5 minutes) at that level of frequency.

• Mobile video consumption is on the rise – 35% of respondents report watching more
video on their smartphone versus last year. Even more so in U.S. (50%), Canada (42%),
New Zealand (42%), South Africa (42%), and the U.K. (40%)

• Dual-screen video viewing is a thing – 53% of smartphone video viewers across the 24
markets say they often or sometimes watch mobile video while watching TV. Only in
Japan is this trend noticeably less prevalent.

Download the full report below.