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Ann Saleh

Ann Saleh

Time at IAB: Since July 2011

My mission at IAB Australia: 
To create a cohesive, professional brand that is an educational hub for the online industry, as well as to learn, be inspired by my senior colleagues and to learn about the online industry.

Digital trend I'm most excited about: Television shows releasing complete seasons at once online e.g. Arrested Development and House of Cards on Netflix (in the US, of course), 3D printers; the opportunities they present, and of course, the increase in online shopping

Brand whose marketing I admire: Oreo and Fanta both have a great social media presence, which is important these days to connect with the consumer on a 'human level'

Favourite digital campaign of all time: Reverse Robberies by OAK Milk, Build with Chrome by Google, and The World's Biggest Pac-Man; the perfect tool for procrastination

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: This is a basic answer, but my smartphone (with all my apps, especially Reddit) – it keeps me connected with my friends, family and beyond and allows me to listen to my music, something I couldn't live without - especially when travelling to and from work!

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Performing on the biggest stage of all...Wrestlemania.

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On 26 August 2013, IAB Australia's CEO, Alice Manners appeared on Sky News to discuss how Online Advertising recently overtook Free to Air TV, in terms of advertising spend and its predicted future growth in Australia. View the video for more insight.