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Carolyn Bollaci

Carolyn Bollaci

My time in the digital industry: 13 years
My mission at DG MediaMind: Make AdTech glamorous
Digital trend I'm most excited about: The globalisation of content. I want my Netflix & hulu Plus in Australia already!!
Brand whose marketing I admire: Apple. Even though I am an ex Microsoftie, I admire any brand which inspires me and "think different" does just that!
Favourite digital campaign of all time: 2008 Obama presidential campaign - Yes We Can!
Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: iPhone/iPad simultaneously. I may as well have my phone stapled to my hand.
If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: On a reality show!  

Carolyn Bollaci is Regional Vice President of DG MediaMind.  She is a hands-on executive with leadership capabilities in strategic business development, digital sales, strategic planning, product management/ innovation and general operations in media. She has had 12+ years in the digital space on two continents and multiple cities - Boston, San Francisco, Sydney, London and New York. 

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Since last year, I've seen tremendous growth in the use of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in the digital advertising industry. Creating individual ads that take advantage of user-level audience data is time consuming and prohibitively expensive for most brands, but DCO streamlines this process and improves ad performance at the same...

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Consumers today are no longer watching video on just one platform but instead they do that everywhere, and marketers need to be prepared. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed in the brave new world of video convergence.