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Danielle Stuart

Danielle Stuart

Danielle Stuart is Brand and Marketing Coordinator at Bethanie.
1. My time in the digital industry: 2 years
2. My mission at (current company): To be the leaders in aged care delivering high quality care, accommodation and community care to the over 55’s.
3. My special blog topics: Social Media Marketing, Branding.
4. Digital trend I’m most excited about: I am excited to see how social media platforms introduce Social Commerce. It is going to be interesting to see how it fits into our lifestyle and how we will adapt to this new way of shopping.
5. Brand whose marketing I admire: Lorna Jane. Lorna Jane has a strong presence on every social media platform and I am always eager to see what she will do next!
6. Favourite digital campaign of all times: This year Samsung Galaxy utilised ambassadors from bloggers to fashion designers and fashion magazines. To me it was innovative and well planned and executed.
7. Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Of course, my iPhone and IPad - I would struggle to live a day without them.
8. If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be...: A Hairstylist or Personal Trainer

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With digital marketing mainstream and social media an everyday communication tool, it can be a bit overwhelming when engaging with audiences across various social media channels, which can lead to even the most exceptional brands forgetting basics.

Below are a few tips of what not to do when using social media for your business/brand.