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Daniel Dewar

Daniel Dewar

Name: Daniel Dewar

My time in the digital industry: 3 + years

My mission at Datalicious:
Build a data knowledge base for the industry. Be an innovator of agency marketing and raise brand awareness.

My special blog topics:
Data analysis, web analytics, media attribution, marketing strategy

Digital trend I'm most excited about:
The democratisation of data. There is still a large knowledge gap for most users between the data that's available and how that can be best used – it's an exciting time for people like me who want to fill that gap.

Brand whose marketing I admire:
Buffer, Nike, Oreo (the rainbow Oreo!

Favourite digital campaign of all times:Close the Gap. Not purely digital, however it put an issue very close to me very much front and centre in Australia. The phrase 'closing the gap' entered the lexicon because of this campaign and helped shaped COAG policy.

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without:

HTC One + these apps: Any.do, Pocket, Buffer, Agenda, Twitter (despite the noise)

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be...:
A sound designer in film & television (what I used to be).

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If you hadn't already heard, 2015 is the year of mobile marketing and advertising. Last year mobile users surpassed desktop users, and in November 2014, the Newspaper Association of America released its audience whitepaper, "Mobile and young women push newspaper digital audience to new heights", which showed the mobile newspaper audience...

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Privacy is dead. Technology killed it. For marketers, it's everything we could have hoped for. Of course, it's more complicated than that. Big data, or the use of data by brands, generates a lot of discussion around privacy and ethics. What eludes most of the conversation is that the discussion is...

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It seems every week, sometimes every day, I come across another traditional marketing problem being solved. I don't think traditional is quite appropriate here, even now we're finding solutions to digital opportunities that we created only years ago, which seem antiquated all the same.

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The Federal Government shows us what not to do when it comes to data privacy and data collection. I think I can be forgiven for being surprised when I found out the Federal Government does in fact have a public relations company on its books.

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During a recent presentation at Marketing Week Live, Camelot insight chief Nick Bonney made the claim that (in his mind) a true single customer view is unattainable. "Consumers are starting to say 'we do not want you to take my behaviour and know everything about me'," he continues.

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Multi-channel media attribution and other models are quickly replacing traditional cross channel marketing models. Which is the best one?

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As marketers explore cross-channel marketing campaigns, is it worth the investment without media attribution modelling?