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Phil Duffield

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Paul Bertelle

Paul Bertelle is Commercial Media Manager at Videology.

Chris Frame

My time in the digital industry: Over 15 years
My mission at Bethanie: To keep Bethanie at the forefront of Digital advertising trends.
My special blog topics: Unexpected use of digital, branding, transportation’s use of digital, aged care digital excellence.
Digital trend I'm most excited about: The one that we haven't all heard of next, keep looking ahead! 
Brand whose marketing I admire: Cunard – it’s a 175 year old brand that trades on its history and does it with grace and style.
Favourite digital campaign of all time: The recent #QM2remastered campaign brought the refurbishment of the world’s largest ocean liner to life through social media channels.
Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: When I got my first iPhone I never thought I'd need the extra functionality, and now I’d struggle without it.  
If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: If there was no digital and I’d won the lotto… a full time maritime historian!
Bio: Chris has two unique careers, one as a marketing expert and the other a maritime historian. As a marketer, Chris has worked for well known digital innovators, including Westfield and Marketforce. He currently holds the position of General Manager Brand and Marketing at Bethanie, one of Western Australia’s best known aged care and retirement living providers. Since taking on the role in 2011, Chris has successfully transformed Bethanie’s brand, growing market share and building awareness of aged care services available to WA seniors. As a digital marketing expert, Chris has been a finalist in the IAB Awards, a finalist in the CEO Magazine’s prestigious Executive of the Year awards and won the Customer Service Council Gold Medal 30 under 30 award in 2014. Chris' other career is his great passion; maritime history. Having now co-authored maritime books, Chris has travelled extensively aboard cruise ships as a guest lecturer. His knowledge of ocean liner history has seen him appear as a subject matter expert on the BBC, Sky News, ABC, Channel 7, 9 and ten as well as Radio New Zealand, LBC and the Fairfax radio network. Chris is a Certified Practicing Marketer (Australian Marketing Institute), and holds an Honours Degree in Change Management from University of Western Australia, and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Management) from Edith Cowan University.

Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan, ia the Singapore-based CEO of data marketplace Eyeota .

Jason Stidworthy

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Andy Kahl

Andy Kahl is Director of Research at Sizmek.

Jacki James

My time in the digital industry: I designed and built my first intranet site back in 1998 and was the Internet Channel Manager for three online gambling website sites turning over $42million per annum in 1999.
My time at Zuni: 5 years
My mission at Zuni: Develop strategies for clients that deliver tangible results. Deliver efficiency and synergy where there was once chaos and confusion.
My special blog topics: Digital strategy, digital transformation, content marketing and strategy.
Digital trend I’m most excited about: Wearable tech and 360 degree virtual reality.
Brand whose marketing I admire: Burberry’s digital centric approach.
Favourite digital campaign of all time: Volkswagon The Fun Theory. Demonstrating that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change behaviour.
Digital tool/gadget I can’t live without: I’d rather loose my wallet than my iPhone.
If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be: If I had the talent I would want to be a pop star or on stage in a musical. In reality, I started my career as a human resources professional and had aspirations of specialising in industrial relations.
Jacki James is a digitally focused strategist with boutique strategy agency Zuni. Jacki has forged a digital marketing career spanning 15 years and has held both agency and client side roles across a diverse range of audiences and industries working on some of Australia’s leading brands. She also occasionally moonlights as a lecturer in digital marketing. Jacki is adored by clients for her no-bullshit approach, candid advice and replacing fluff with action. Amongst her pet hates are unprofessional and dull presentation decks, and overuse of industry jargon. Outside of her career Jacki is a wife, a mum, Sydney Swans devotee and indulger in trashy TV.

Jade McDade

Jade McDade is a digital professional with over 10 years’ experience delivering advertising focused digital strategy and operational fulfilment in medium to large digital and cross-platform media publishing organisations for news and lifestyle brands.

Danni Brown

Danni WorthDanni Brown in Marketing Manager, APAC, at TubeMogul.ington has not set their biography yet

James New

James New is Marketing Director, APAC, at Marketo.

Aaron Agius

My time in the digital industry: 10 + years

My mission at (current company): To provide quality digital marketing services to businesses throughout the world who want to understand the technical challenges that are involved in online marketing, without the need for industry jargon and confusing explanations. Clear communication, high ROI and excellent customer service.

My special blog topics: Search marketing, social media strategy, inbound marketing, traffic generation
Digital trend I'm most excited about: the trend away from traditional standalone SEO to all-encompassing inbound marketing.

Brand whose marketing I admire: Coke, Apple, Nike. Personal Brand = Tim Ferris

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: iPad mini. Its what I use for all reading, content curation and syndication.

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A Fire Fighter (I used to be one ;) )

Aaron Agius - Search Marketing Expert, General Manager at Louder Online
Working with my team at Louder Online, we create imaginative, inbound marketing tactics for small businesses, digital agencies and global corporates. We're focused on creating actionable, thoughtful digital marketing strategies for our clients. By using an intelligent mix of Search, Content and Social tactics, we're able deliver new customer leads and build lasting brand relationships. I've helped many global brands online, including: Ford, Unilever, IBM, The Star, Landrover, LG, Jaguar, MLC, Million Dollar Woman, as well as a broad range of small businesses. I have more than ten years of business management experience, and I am regularly invited to speak at digital marketing and networking events.

Trent Lloyd

Trent Lloyd is co-founder and GM Publisher Development, at Eyeota.


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Danielle Stuart

Danielle Stuart is Brand and Marketing Coordinator at Bethanie.
1. My time in the digital industry: 2 years
2. My mission at (current company): To be the leaders in aged care delivering high quality care, accommodation and community care to the over 55’s.
3. My special blog topics: Social Media Marketing, Branding.
4. Digital trend I’m most excited about: I am excited to see how social media platforms introduce Social Commerce. It is going to be interesting to see how it fits into our lifestyle and how we will adapt to this new way of shopping.
5. Brand whose marketing I admire: Lorna Jane. Lorna Jane has a strong presence on every social media platform and I am always eager to see what she will do next!
6. Favourite digital campaign of all times: This year Samsung Galaxy utilised ambassadors from bloggers to fashion designers and fashion magazines. To me it was innovative and well planned and executed.
7. Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Of course, my iPhone and IPad - I would struggle to live a day without them.
8. If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be...: A Hairstylist or Personal Trainer

Lucy Halliday

Time at IAB: started in 2013 but have worked in online since the early noughties   

My mission at IAB Australia: To develop a better website - to create compelling content, knowledge and stories via our digital channels

Digital trend I'm most excited about: Gamification - ads that look like films, play like games, make me surprised, inspire and humour me - in short, entertain me

Brand whose marketing I admire: Melbourne Metro's 'Dumb Ways to Die' (of course!) - the catchy tune, the deadly message - it's clever, interesting, dark and very entertaining.  My favourite digital campaign of all times: Old Spice via social - the single take and spin offs were terrific 

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: my smartphone obviously as it's my conduit to everyone and everything - for good and bad, it keeps me connected to the world

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: traveling and learning, pushing sustainability, hanging out with inspiring people... - money's no object right?

Naima Lynch

Naima brings several years of experience in the international media & communications industry - from news and entertainment, to politics and academia. Prior to joining IAB Australia in 2014, she was a Senior Researcher at the ABC, and a regular contributor to several publications. Internationally, she has worked for NBC News in New York and Moby Media in Afghanistan. Naima holds a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago where she focused on Arabic, Anthropology and International Relations. She is particularly interested in the ways the digital marketplace is changing both the education and news sectors. Naima is focused on generating a vibrant online dialogue with IAB Australia's members via our blog and social networks, and keeping the public informed about IAB's objectives and achievements.

Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is Product Strategy Director, APAC at Videology.

Ann Saleh

Time at IAB: Since July 2011

My mission at IAB Australia: 
To create a cohesive, professional brand that is an educational hub for the online industry, as well as to learn, be inspired by my senior colleagues and to learn about the online industry.

Digital trend I'm most excited about: Television shows releasing complete seasons at once online e.g. Arrested Development and House of Cards on Netflix (in the US, of course), 3D printers; the opportunities they present, and of course, the increase in online shopping

Brand whose marketing I admire: Oreo and Fanta both have a great social media presence, which is important these days to connect with the consumer on a 'human level'

Favourite digital campaign of all time: Reverse Robberies by OAK Milk, Build with Chrome by Google, and The World's Biggest Pac-Man; the perfect tool for procrastination

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: This is a basic answer, but my smartphone (with all my apps, especially Reddit) – it keeps me connected with my friends, family and beyond and allows me to listen to my music, something I couldn't live without - especially when travelling to and from work!

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Performing on the biggest stage of all...Wrestlemania.

Russell Dowse

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Cameron Curtis

Cameron Curtis is General Manager, Australia and New Zealand, at Near.

Alice Manners

Name: Alice Manners
My mission at IAB Australia: To always be ahead of the curve.
Digital trend I'm most excited about: The one we don't know about yet!
Brand whose marketing I admire: Burberry's digital presence
Favourite digital campaign of all times: Just like your children there shouldn't be one favourite. Any campaign that makes me ACT/do something or integrates well across multiple platforms
Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: My smart phone
If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A psychologist

Alice Manners, CEO, IAB Australia
Alice is a senior digital and media specialist with more than 20 years experience working across the Asia Pacific region. She has held a number of roles with WPP Asia Pacific including most recently, GroupM Asia Pacific COO of Interaction since 2005. Appointed CEO of IAB Australia in August 2013, Alice is responsible for the overall management of the IAB and achievement of the organisation's objectives, to represent and promote the interests of members, and to grow the interactive advertising industry. With the online industry undergoing a huge transformation and with more change ahead, Alice's key focus will be to steer IAB Australia's transition through this growth as an agent of change for both the IAB and the industry as a whole.

Lucinda Barlow

Lucinda Barlow, Head of Marketing, Google Australia and New Zealand

Lucinda leads Google's marketing efforts to bring Google products to Australian and New Zealand users and help more businesses grow online. She brings 13 years' experience working in Internet and mobile in Asia, the US and UK. Before joining Google, Lucinda was VP Marketing Communications for Symbian where she led a global team promoting smartphone technology. She has worked in two Internet start-ups and at BHP as a mission critical systems engineer. Lucinda holds Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and an MBA from INSEAD. She is a board member of ADMA and won the 2013 Australian IAB Digital Marketer of the Year.

Madhusudan Therani

Madhusudan Therani, PhD., is Chief Technology Officer at Near.
Madhu is responsible for developing Near’s location intelligence platform and associated products. He leads the engineering and data science efforts at Near based out of Silicon Valley.
He is a seasoned tech. entrepreneur, a former academic, and has been building software and hardware for the past couple of decades. He has a proven track record of working on large scale data analysis, machine learning, text analysis, and decision-making models in a variety of domains including engineering design, product lifecycle management, online search and computational advertising. He is an alum of Carnege-Mellon Univ., with interests in real-world applications of AI and Robotics.
On the personal front, Madhu is a movie buff, loves travelling and playing a round of golf or two in his free time.

Gai Le Roy

Gai Le Roy is Director of Research at IAB Australia..  

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is Chief Digital officer at Digerati Magazine.

Vijay Solanki

Vijay has a 23 year history in marketing, digital & innovation. He started his marketing career in Unilever rising to become Dove brand manager, then he ran marketing for UK’s biggest commercial radio station, Global Radio.He then moved into start-up becoming Shazam’s first marketing director, creating the brand and product before moving to lastminute.com to work for the founders where he grew market share.His recent years include BP/Castrol, BlackBerry and Philips in international digital & innovation roles. Vijay moved to Australia a year ago to join Southern Cross Austereo as Chief Digital Officer. He will soon complete the digital transformation program.
Views are his own.

Nina Nyman

Time at IAB:
 2.5 years at IAB Australia, 3 years at IAB UK.

My mission at IAB Australia: To make digital marketing easier and more exciting by creating practical and inspiring learning opportunities for the media and marketing professionals.

Digital trend I'm most excited about: Too many to choose from! As a consumer, I love everything that brings digital innovation to the 'real world' and generally makes life easier. Things like NFC payments, wearable technology and connected devices. In terms of digital advertising, I'm excited to see brands getting smarter with their targeting and personalisation, thus serving much more relevant ads. I think the most exciting thing though is the constant change and not knowing what the next year will bring.

Brand whose marketing I admire: Mini, Nike and Innocent Smoothies.

Favourite digital campaign of all time: I think we are a bit spoilt for choice as through our Creative Showcase program, we regularly get to see some amazing campaigns. I love the Bodyform Truth response and the Pedigree Dog-a-like campaign and the T-Mobile flash dance videos still make me smile.

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: With friends and family dotted around the world, it would have to be Skype or FaceTime.

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: On a very long cycle trip around the world.

Daniel Dewar

Name: Daniel Dewar

My time in the digital industry: 3 + years

My mission at Datalicious:
Build a data knowledge base for the industry. Be an innovator of agency marketing and raise brand awareness.

My special blog topics:
Data analysis, web analytics, media attribution, marketing strategy

Digital trend I'm most excited about:
The democratisation of data. There is still a large knowledge gap for most users between the data that's available and how that can be best used – it's an exciting time for people like me who want to fill that gap.

Brand whose marketing I admire:
Buffer, Nike, Oreo (the rainbow Oreo!

Favourite digital campaign of all times:Close the Gap. Not purely digital, however it put an issue very close to me very much front and centre in Australia. The phrase 'closing the gap' entered the lexicon because of this campaign and helped shaped COAG policy.

Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without:

HTC One + these apps: Any.do, Pocket, Buffer, Agenda, Twitter (despite the noise)

If I wasn't working in digital, I would be...:
A sound designer in film & television (what I used to be).

Megan Cronje

Megan Cronje is Digital Campaign Manager at REA Group.