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Article Watch March - 'Must Reads' Powered by MediaScope

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Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, offers a series of must read articles for the digital media community....

1. Happy 25th Birthday to the Internet – Take a look at the early days of 25 of today's best known websites including Facebook, Twitter & Google. Also, internet founder Tim Berners Lee, blogs on this 25th Anniversary outlining his vision for the future of his invention saying "Let's keep it free and open".

2. AMI Senior Marketers Monitor - results from the Aust Marketing Institute's annual survey where they ask members to highlight their intentions, priorities & challenges for the year ahead showing expected increases in ad spend in some channels & a focus on owned & earn media. A must read.

3. Buying & Selling Media in 2020 (MediaCom) - A recent US survey on the future of media buying shows the trends which are likely to progress & accelerate well into the next decade including the continued blurring of lines between traditional & digital media & cross channel measurement. Also highlights how marketers can prepare for 2020 - just 6 short years away!

4. Here's What Success Looks Like in a Post Page View World (Digiday) - "The digital media world revolves around two flawed metrics — pageviews & advertising click-through — and it's high time that change. The question is what the digital publishing metric of the future looks like if we're not counting up impressions & clicks."

5. Why So Many Digital Publishers are Flocking Back to Print (Digiday) - US online publishers like Politico, Pitchfork & Pando (& Taste.com.au & Kidspot closer to home) are doing a 180-degree flip from the typical publisher transition from print to digital by creating magazines to supplement their websites.

6. Multiscreening And Simultaneous Media Use: Unlocking The Golden Age Of Digital Advertising (via Forbes) - When marketers think of multiscreening, they often see it is a new challenge or obstacle: "How do I compete with the distractions of the smartphone or the tablet, while my audience is watching TV?" Marketers tend to view these distractions as a new problem. They are not.

7. Larry Page – Where's Google Going Next? - Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. It includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons ... and then it gets even more interesting, as Page talks through the company's recent acquisition of Deep Mind, an AI that is learning some surprising things.

8. Dealing with Data Frenzy (via Monday Note) - For any digital publisher, relying on data is no longer an option nor a luxury. It has become a necessity. Each passing quarter confirms the demise of digital advertising: yields continues to fall, programmatic buying (most often operated by large third party players) takes over and continues to fuel deflation.

Time in the digital industry: I’ve been in the advertising, media & publishing industry for almost 30 years (straight from school) & started taking an interest in online advertising through my role as Business Development Manager at Fairfax/Business Review Weekly (BRW) in the mid to late 90’s
My time at MediaScope: I’ve had my own solo-run business – MediaScope – for 4 years now. It’s been quite the journey
My mission at Mediascope: My main professional mission at MediaScope is to offer our market an independent, useful and evolving resource.  My personal mission is to stay an active and passionate part of our industry while still managing the needs of my family (4 months a year school holiday!). I’m very vocal about the challenges and opportunities for women and families in our industry
My special blog topics:  I’ll be presenting a series of topical and relevant articles, insights and opinions both unique to MediaScope and from international and local sources
Digital trend I'm most excited about: The increasing pace of change within our entire industry is fascinating, compelling and a little frightening. I’m especially excited about the opportunities converged media brings to marketers and media owners through emerging digital media platforms being applied to traditional media such as print, outdoor and tv. I also keep a close eye on new advertising and non-advertising media revenue streams and business models
Brand whose marketing I admire: I admire any brand which does something (anything) brave. Though we are increasingly seeing the take up of data-driven decision making. I think there is still enormous benefit to be realised in the ‘serendipitous’ marketing opportunity.  Several large marketers specifically allocate budget for innovative opportunities where outcomes cannot necessarily be predicted – or even measured accurately - but they can become a worthwhile part of a broader marketing mix, create enormous brand impact and achieve above average results .  I’d like to see more Australian brands taking marketing risks and move beyond the so called usual solutions
Favourite digital campaign of all times: The first one – AT&T’s first banner ad published by HotWired in 1994 with a whopping 74% clickthrough rate.  It’s become oh so complicated since then
Digital tool / gadget I cannot live without:  I’m seriously in love with my iPad - don’t tell my husband
If I wasn't working in digital, I would be:  If I was to think about my dream job I’d likely be a highly successful, genY, male, single professional golfer (or maybe surfer). Yep – if I wasn’t in advertising and media then I would like to be Adam Scott.  

Denise Shrivell has been a well known and active member of the Australian advertising and media industry for close to 30 years.  She has worked with major agencies and publishers and now runs MediaScope which offers resources and services in 3 core areas: a planning directory connecting buyers and sellers through 3,500 media listings with a focus on niche, alternative and emerging media; a range of resources with practical information on buying, selling advertising within our constantly changing media landscape - including the well-known ‘MediaScape’ guides & ‘Women in Media’ profiles; and tailored consultancy services for media owners and marketers as well as involvement in various industry projects.  MediaScope also produces a newsletter which is currently sent each week to over 1000 key media industry decision makers.

To subscribe - http://www.mediascope.com.au/subscribe
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Email Address - denise@mediascope.com.au


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