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In October 2014, after a rigorous process, IAB Australia appointed Nielsen as the sole and preferred supplier for the digital measurement currency that is used for the planning, buying and reporting of digital audiences in Australia – extending the existing relationship to 2018.

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P&O is one of the oldest names in shipping, and certainly the oldest cruise line in Australia. The company, founded in the 1830s, ‘invented’ cruising in Australia when it sent its large ocean liners into the tropics during the 1930s.

The brand is steeped in history, heritage and tradition, and operates two distinct cruise lines; a global world cruising brand based in the UK as well as a locally based leisure brand.

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If you work in a company that manufactures a physical product then the communications about that product have always sat with the marketing team. They are the ones who decide what you say to your customers, when you say it and how. In a media environment though, talking to your audience...

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From building relationships with your customers to developing authority in your industry, there are a variety of reasons to get into blogging. A bigger business may be able to put more time, energy, and resources towards blogging than individual bloggers or small businesses. However, if you can't see things from the...

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Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, offers a series of must read articles for the digital media community....

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It's been a long time since I had to interview candidates for an open role where I had to do all the work. From writing/posting the JD, reading CV's, long listing, shortlisting, interviews and finally appointments. To be honest, I kind of miss the days when, as the CEO, I would be presented with two shiny, happy, qualified candidates and asked to choose between the two. But, as with all things in a "startup"*, I am continually learning. It's from this perspective that I write my first blog (and hopefully many others) for the IAB: This one on the topic of interviewing, and specifically how technology has disrupted the traditional process.

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Call me old fashioned, but I am a strong believer in planning before making a jump into a new campaign or channel. With the fast pace of digital marketing, particularly in the social arena, it's all too easy to leap into a new marketing initiative before you've had a chance to correctly plan for it.

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It wasn't long ago when the easiest way to share a photo with your friends was to attach an image from your digital camera to an email.

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Each month, Denise Shrivell presents us with, Article Watch. She will link you straight to interesting and relevant content and opinions which she's seen from both local and overseas sources - as well as insights and guides unique to MediaScope.