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Ad formats for mobiles and tablets - as well as Universal ad formats - are listed below.  Find out what's accepted and utilised in the digital industry and ensure you're following current standards and best practice.  We trust this information assists creative agencies, and others, to understand and define all standard ad formats more easily.  See below.

Mobile & Tablet

The Mobile and Tablet guidelines highlight some of the trends in display ad sizes offered by publishers in the Australian market today. Although audio and video content and ads have a very natural home on smartphones and tablets, display ads are the most prevalent and the most varied ad formats on these devices at present.  Click to download the pdf from Guidelines & Best Practice

Universal Ad Formats

The Universal Ad Formats guidelines are intended for marketers, agencies and media companies involved in the creation, planning, buying and selling of online advertising and represent an attempt to bring the industry in-line with the creative demands of all advertisers.  Click to download the pdf from Guidelines & Best Practice