April -May 2012 winner: Lynx Anarchy Invisible Ad
Client: Lynx
Creative Agency: Soap Creative
Campaign type: Viral
Industry: Health & Beauty

Campaign Information
Soap Creative teamed up with production group Finch to present the world’s first invisible ad, unleashing chaos in Sydney and allowing people to experience Lynx Anarchy first-hand.

Soap kicked off their campaign by sending out a Sydney targeted eDM and running a small Facebook campaign to an event listing days before. Event attendees were given glasses, electric blue for men and hot pink for women, which they used to view a terrace house in Sydney with a series of hacked LCD screens. With glasses on, guests could see chaos unleashed with surprising scenes on the screens including a dog swimming in a room full of water, a couple in a foam room and even a baboon.

The original campaign was a huge success with an extremely high and positive response rate.

Judge’s Comment
A fun voyeuristic experience that only the Lynx brand is cheeky enough to pull off. The cool new tech makes it more interesting than a standard projection. Good job Soap + Finch.




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