February - March 2012 winner: The Ultrabook Temptations
Client: Intel
Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Media Agency: The Monkeys
Campaign type: Microsite
Industry: Technology

Campaign Information
To introduce the Ultrabook™ (a new category of ultra-sleek and ultra-responsive laptop computers inspired by Intel), six social experiments were staged across Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand using Ultrabooks™ as bait.

The experiments were all devised to make participants step out of their comfort zone and to observe the human qualities of Determination, Power, Daring, Excitement, Persistence and Persuasiveness: the same qualities that went into the creation of the Ultrabook™.

In the first ten days, the experiments had been viewed over 1.5 million times, been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook and had over 250 articles written about them.

Judge's comment
I love this and wanted more. Pure fun.


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