2011 IAB Awards |Branded Content Winner

Enjoy the Ride
Agency: 303 Group
Client: Office of Road Safety

The challenge was to appeal to all WA drivers to drive at the speed limit, 'de-normalising' speeding and finding a way to make it socially unacceptable. Rather than focusing on the negative consequences of speeding, the campaign focused on the rewards inherent to driving at the right speed. It demonstrated the positives of taking your time, not just when driving, but in life generally as living our lives too fast has dramatic consequences on our health, relationships, mental and physical well-being.

Content which fosters engagement in the slow movement was developed, including a website with videos and daily articles.

By May 2011, the short film had over 93,000 views on YouTube, with over 12,000 total visits to the website (9,580 unique). The campaign had generated over 2,500 mentions in social media including over 773 tweets, 613 blog posts and over 8,500 people sharing the three minute film to Facebook.

Judges' Comments
"This campaign was quite simply, Life Changing."

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