2011 IAB Awards | Cross Platform Integration Winner

Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Client: Nestle Peters Ice Cream

Aussie 'Lickers' needed to be turned into manly 'Biters' so they could eat more MAXIBON. A big ask. So rather than just tell guys MAXIBON is for 'Biters', an actual exercise device that could help them become one was manufactured. The MAXIBON Man-Chew was the first-ever chew toy for men, specially designed to help build up a bite and, ultimately, conquer MAXIBON. The Man-Chew was available to own from a microsite with a MAXIBON product barcode.

On day one of the campaign, the 90 second commercial was 100% viewed more than 1.4 million times on YouTube. By day three, the 4,800 Man-Chews were sold out. So the reserve stash of 100 Man-Chews was pulled out and men were asked to beg for them.

As of April 18th 2011, a total of 1,563 people had pleaded their case at the website. The digital campaign reached over 2.7 million unique browsers and a total of 401,930 interactions from the banners were recorded, with an average interaction rate of 16.7% (industry benchmark: 2.54%). Sales increased 65% in the first week of the campaign and averaged out at 25% in the month following launch. MAXIBON's market share increased from 13.5% of the Impulse Snacking Segment (pre-campaign) to 24.8% following the campaign.

Judges' Comments
"This campaign is a lot of fun and does integration effortlessly. The attention to detail makes it special. Strategically it is also true to the product."


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