February-March 2014 first runner up: The eBay Xmas Gift Engine
Client: eBay
Agency: Havas Worldwide SYD
Campaign type: App & Search Engine
Industry: Online Retail

Campaign Information:

Christmas is the busiest time of year for retailers, but oddly, not so much for eBay.

So they asked us for an idea to help change this. But rather than leading with a traditional ad campaign, we first worked with eBay to make a change to their search algorithm. Now, instead of searching for items, you could search for interests. Making eBay the easiest place to find the perfect Christmas present.

As part of the campaign we developed a Facebook app that used the new algorithm together with a user's Facebook Likes. How it worked was that once users gave the app access to their Facebook, it scanned through their Likes and used that information to search eBay to find great gifts ideas.