Night Light

Creative agency: Profero
Brand name: Johnson's Baby

Johnson's Baby baby has always been know as a brand that understands mums, but this year they wanted to move beyond talk and create a place to help mums through one of the roughest times they face, night time.

Night Light is a service that brings mums together during the night, when the fight to get baby to sleep can sometimes feel overwhelming. A chat room operates throughout the night allowing mums to ask questions, give advice, or just offer each other company. They can also share links in the Reading Room. And in the Nurses office, they'll find a Registered Nurse available through the night to chat to one-on-one.

Hundreds of mums are chatting through each night, with a real community of returning mums forming as well. Blogger support has been incredible, with a constant chorus of "I wish this was there when I first became a mum".

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