Rip Curl GPS Search

Creative agency: VML Australia
Brand name: Rip Curl

Surfers spend their lives waiting for the perfect moment. Once gone, it's lost forever. We set out to change this.

The Rip Curl Search platform is a mobile and desktop App that syncs with the GPS Search watch, capturing the moment into a tangible, re-liveable and shareable thing that lives beyond the waves, revolutionising the way surfers interact with the ocean.

All data recorded anywhere in the world is stored and displayed, creating a connected surfing community unified by their love of surfing and the desire to challenge themselves and their friends to go better next time.

Millions of surfers around the world have already started talking about the ability to finally track, monitor and learn how to improve their surfing performance, all of which is cementing Rip Curl as the number one surf brand on the planet.