American Classics

Krispy Kreme launch new American Classics range in limited edition Bluetooth jukebox Krispy Kreme have created a limited-edition retro jukebox complete with Bluetooth speaker to launch the doughnut brand’s new range, ‘American Classics’. 

Created in a partnership with Digital Arts Network and Eleven, the jukebox is the shape of the brand’s donut box with built-in Bluetooth speaker to play tailored 1950s Americana tracks via Spotify playlists, including the four bespoke theme tunes. To operate, people simply have to flip up the lid, grab a phone and select their favourite doughnut playlist to be transported into another era.

The four new doughnut flavours include: The Big Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Coconut Cream Pie and Campfire S’mores.krispy kreme jukebox Each American Classics flavour comes with its own original theme tune, written and recorded in a Sydney studio.krispy kreme american classic donuts Roberto Pace, managing director of Eleven says: “The 50s is an important decade for pop culture and the music that went with it. “We wanted to capture the era’s most memorable hits, bring back the jukebox and transport people back in time to celebrate the new Krispy Kreme range in a fun, memorable way.” Commenting on the launch, Andrew McGuigan, CEO of Krispy Kreme Australia, said: “Our inspiration behind the four new flavours was American vintage with a modern twist. “We’ve been working with songwriters and Spotify to make sure it’s not only the taste buds which are in for a treat…but the ears too. You can not only taste the Classics but hear them as well!” 

The Krispy Kreme American Classic original theme tunes and Spotify playlists are available online at


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