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Digital Audio Creative: Best Examples

Between podcasting, live streams and digital radio, audio is experiencing a boom. And along with listeners, advertisers are innovating and realising unique, digitally enabled methods to reach consumers in this incredibly personal space.

The IAB Australia Audio Council have compiled a series of examples to help explain what each of these advertising methods are across Streaming, Podcasting and Digital Radio. 

A metric that addresses an ad’s opportunity to be seen by a viewer. An ad impression contained in the viewable space of the browser window, on an in-focus browser tab, based on pre-established criteria such as the percent of ad pixels within the viewable space and the length of time the ad is in the viewable space of the browser.

Information that an established data company collects indirectly or aggregates from others and then sells to ad buyers. Third-parties, such as data aggregators and ad networks, often create data products that span collection from websites and stores not owned or controlled by a single entity.

Includes traffic identified through advanced analytics, multipoint corroboration, human intervention—such as hijacked devices, ad tags, or creative; adware; malware; misappropriated content.

A set of tools that can be used to develop software applications targeting a specific platform. SDKs include tools, libraries, documentation and sample code that would help a programmer to develop an application.

In short, this is the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that happen within milliseconds (this is where the phrase ‘real time’ comes into use). Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is done through a programmatic on-the-spot auction, which is similar to how financial markets operate. RTB allows for Addressable Advertising; the ability to serve ads to consumers directly based on their demographic, psychographic, or behavioural attributes.

The use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

Open source projects, products, or initiatives embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community-oriented development. An open source wrapper includes these principles in the wrapper.

The OpenRTB protocol (latest version is OpenRTB 3.0) defines the guidelines for Real-Time Bidding
(RTB). RTB is a method of transacting media that allows an individual ad impression to be put up for bid in real-time. This is done through a programmatic on-the-spot auction, which is similar to how financial markets operate.

An open digital advertising marketplace for aggregated inventory from multiple partners where buyers can bid either manually or programmatically to purchase impressions.

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