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IAB Briefing: GDPR Compliance in the Australian Market

On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s long-awaited new data-protection rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), officially kicked in. The digital industry has a bigger responsibility than ever when it comes to handling and protecting consumer data. 

To understand how these laws and regulations will impact on Digital Advertising Organisations in Australia, download our “IAB Briefing: GDPR Compliance in the Australian Market", available for download below.


IAB Podcasts

The IAB has recently recorded a number of Podcasts with data privacy experts who know a lot about the GDPR. Click on the buttons below to listen to the podcasts in iTunes. 

Yves Schwarzbart, Head of Policy & Ad Tech at IAB U.K., uses his expert knowledge to break down the 200-plus page legislation and explains what it actually means for digital companies and individuals, the importance of personally identifiable information, how it impacts companies outside the E.U. (and in Australia), justifying the use of personal data, and changes to consent in regards to privacy.

Mandatory Data Breach Notifications are becoming law in 2018. Third parties can often hold details like a mailing lists, credit card data and other personal information. But who owns that data, who is responsible when a network is compromised and who tells the customers?We run through the law and its implications with data law expert and Consultant at Gilbert + Tobin, Peter Leonard.

The GDPR is intended to give consistency across EU privacy laws, and it will impact companies worldwide. IAB’s Director or Regulatory Affairs Kamani Krishnan and Justin Cudmore, Partner at Marque Lawyers, discuss the impact of GDPR on companies both in the Australian market and around the world, what it means for privacy and what the likely outcomes of the legislation will be for consumers.

Industry Update: Privacy & The GDPR Event

IAB Australia also recently hosted the Industry Update: Privacy & The GDPR event on April 11, 2018. We called upon the acting Privacy Commissioner, Angelene Falk, as well as data experts from Gilbert + Tobin, Telstra, Google and REA Group, to shed some light on what the new laws mean for privacy in the Australian market.

Watch the two keynote videos from the below, and download their handouts from the day.

Angelene Falk: Data and Privacy in the Australian market

Peter Leonard: The GDPR and its Effects on Data Privacy

Acting Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk's Speech

Download the Speech

Data Law Expert Peter Leonard's Guide to the GDPR and its Impacts in Market

Download the Guide

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