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To submit a campaign, you must register and login using your email address and password.

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If you have previously registered, then log in and click the Submit Campaign Entry button.


Enter your campaign

The entry process is very simple. All we ask is that campaigns have run in the past two months and, if entered by an agency, are for a live, bona fide client. You must also have registered with us and received a password to use the site.

What can be entered

Entries can include up to five different executions per campaign including: banners, buttons, skyscrapers, rich media, email, viral campaigns, mobile, blogs, podcasting or campaign microsites. Enter your latest and greatest campaign now.

Each agency or in-house team can submit only one campaign per competition.

For more information and tips on entering read our Entry Tips.

How to submit your campaign

Click on the link above to submit your campaign and follow the instructions to upload a URL that links directly to your artwork. Please note that you will need to resize your artwork to 437x285 pixels in order to submit and be considered.

Artwork should be stored on your own server as the Creative Showcase does not have the resources to manage your file. Please double check that your links work prior to the closing date for judging.

Also enter the client name, campaign name, brand and ensure that a contact name, email and phone number is submitted.

Judging process

Once the closing date for entries is reached, our judges independently award points for the strength of the creative idea, innovation, art direction, copywriting, design, and interactivity. In the event of a tie the chair of the judges has a casting vote.

Winning entries are notified by phone and email. The winner will be publicised on the IAB website. All winner and runner up artwork can be accessed at any time via the Creative Showcase Gallery.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that links remain intact and are asked that any broken links are repaired within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the judging process or would like to be considered as a judge email

Can it be rigged?

Not as far as we know - judging is done online and the system automatically blocks any judge whose agency has entered a piece of work from voting on that piece.

It is potentially possible for a judge to "rig" the judging by judging every other campaign low, or alternatively, judge campaigns not in the running high in order to effect the averaging and the final vote. That's where the "Chair of Judges" comes into it - he or she can see the judging scores allocated by each judge and determine, roughly, whether or not things are looking a bit suspect (e.g. they haven't scored any campaign over a 5), and then action it from there if need be. He or she also ensures that we have enough judges judging each time (you'll notice we have a wide panel of judges) so that unless it is extremely close, one single judge's actions can't have a major effect on the overall outcome, which is something that is checked.

As a final safeguard, we have the finalists for the year judged by a panel of Creative Showcase judges in the UK with no connections to the local agencies, to ensure no bias.