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This section has been written to help marketers, agency executives, and publishers understand the evolving language of interactive marketing. Whether you are new to the industry or just looking for a reference, you should find standard definitions in our glossary of advertising terms which has been combined with the help of other IABs worldwide as well as IAB Australia Councils.

To explore the set of definitions, simply click on any of the letters or search by keyword.

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Browsing the internet with no real purpose.


Wireless WAN standard (IEEE 802.16) designed to provide portable (eventually mobile) wireless broadband access. Single WIMAX antennas can provide coverage over large physical areas, making deployment potentially very cost effective. Although not widely available as of 2007, sometimes considered a potential competitor to cable modems and DSL for residential broadband.

Win Rate

Number of impressions won over the number of impressions bid.

XHTML (Extensible Hypertag Markup Language)

Language used to create most mobile internet sites.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

Language used by many internet applications for exchanging information. XML a richer more dynamic successor to HTML utilising SGML or HTML type tags to structure information. XLM is used for transferring data and creating applications on the Web. See SGML and HTML.


Percentage of clicks vs. impressions on an ad within a specific page. Also called ad click rate.

Yield Management

Yield and Revenue Management is the process of understanding, anticipating and influencing advertiser and consumer behavior in order to maximise profits through better selling, pricing, packaging and inventory management, while delivering value to advertisers and site users.

Yield Optimisation

Technique employed by Publishers to determine what their ad impressions are worth and how to manage the flow of inventory to make the most money.
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