Daad is the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for IAB Australia.  Daad is an experienced regulatory and commercial lawyer.  She has developed her expertise by working for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, a legal adviser in the areas of financial services having worked for GE, NAB, Australian Unity and Bendigo & Adelaide Ba...nk.  Daad has also worked in private practice at K & L Gates where she developed her appreciation for credit, credit reporting and privacy laws.  Daad’s breadth of knowledge and legal talent places her in the best position to analyse government policy and legislative developments and represent clients.  With extensive commercial experience in dealing with regulatory change, Daad applies a practicable approach to the finer details of balancing regulatory requirements with businesses’ needs. More
Lisa Bora is the Head of Mobile at Google Australia.
Chloe Grutchfield is Digital Products Team Leader at Acxiom .
Guest has not sMy time in the digital industry: Took my first baby steps into digital in 2005...I fell down a lot. My mission at Fairfax Media: I'm currently at Fairfax Media on a quest to turn audiences into customers. My special blog topics: Digital in SE Asia, Lean Product Development, Content and Commerce Digital trend I'm most excited about...: Explosion of digital in emerging markets and new disruptive business models Brand whose marketing I admire: Red Bull, Apple, David Beckham, Tim Ferris, Noah Kagan Favourite digital campaign of all times: Dumb ways to die Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: My beloved iPhone If I wasn't working in digital, I would be...: Bored out of my mind. The dynamic and ever changing nature of digital is the only industry which can keep you up at night for the right reasons. More
My time in the digital industry: 2000, Started as an AM at Ninemsn My mission at TubeMogul: To put the advertiser in control, provide transparency and deliver the simplest video planning, buying and verifying tools for all screens My special blog topics: Programmatic, video, branding, viewability, transparency Digital trend I'm most excited abou...t: Programmatic trading across all media types Brand whose marketing I admire: AAMI; I want the story to continue for Rhonda and Ketut Favourite digital campaign of all times: Anyone that is investing in great storytelling; Chipotle's "The Scarecrow" Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: iPad Mini If I wasn't working in digital, I would be...: Farming and trying to live a sustainable life More
My time in the digital industry: 15  years My mission at Amobee: To bulid the best mobile led ad tech company that can connect advertisers with customers in all channels & devices. My special blog topics: Mobile advertising, cross channel advertising, ad tech, ad sales, programmatic trading, brand safety, online display, video, social, email, dig...ital advertising, publishing, ad exchanges. Digital trend I'm most excited about: Mobile advertising, mobile commerce and location-based services. Brand whose marketing I admire: go pro,warbyparker.com, bellroy.com, victoryork.com. Favourite digital campaign of all times: Go pro hero competition series. Customers can upload videos and compare themselves to the professionals. The quality of the content and fan base is extraordinary. Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: techcrunch.com, iphone, google maps.   If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Surfing on an island with my family while investing in digital companies!   To bulid the best mobile led ad tech company that can connect advertisers with customers in all channels & devices More
Ciaran has over 16 years working in digital marketing in a career that has spanned client-side, publisher and both creative and media agencies, working across channels ranging from CRM to SEO, social marketing to affiliate. Ha has spent the last few years working in holistic roles, trying to 'normalise' digital, drive integration and help clients u...nderstand the impact of trends in both global and local media and technology. More
Peter Brawn has a PhD in Psychology and is a fellow of Harvard Medical School. In 1998, he set up an eye tracking lab at Harvard Medical School before moving to Australia to establish a commercial eye tracking service. He has run a variety of commercial projects from optimising digital marketing and user experience, shopper research, and the MOVE m...easurement system. My time in the digital industry: 12 years My mission at Gateway Research: Our company mission is to transform the market research industry by providing innovative, evidence-based and real world research. My special blog topics: Advertising research & optimisation, Audience measurement, Usability and Customer Experience Digital trend I'm most excited about: Online shopping Brand whose marketing I admire: Saab Favourite digital campaign of all times: The SCA virus on the commodore Amiga. Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: My iPhone - it's like the 'Commlock' from Space 1999 made real... If I wasn't working in digital, I would be...: Stay at home dad. More
Naima brings several years of experience in the international media & communications industry - from news and entertainment, to politics and academia. Prior to joining IAB Australia in 2014, she was a Senior Researcher at the ABC, and a regular contributor to several publications. Internationally, she has worked for NBC News in New York and Moby Me...dia in Afghanistan. Naima holds a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago where she focused on Arabic, Anthropology and International Relations. She is particularly interested in the ways the digital marketplace is changing both the education and news sectors. Naima is focused on generating a vibrant online dialogue with IAB Australia's members via our blog and social networks, and keeping the public informed about IAB's objectives and achievements. More
My time in the digital industry: I designed and built my first intranet site back in 1998 and was the Internet Channel Manager for three online gambling website sites turning over $42million per annum in 1999.   My time at Zuni: 5 years   My mission at Zuni: Develop strategies for clients that deliver tangible results. Deliver efficiency and sy...nergy where there was once chaos and confusion.   My special blog topics: Digital strategy, digital transformation, content marketing and strategy.   Digital trend I’m most excited about: Wearable tech and 360 degree virtual reality.   Brand whose marketing I admire: Burberry’s digital centric approach.   Favourite digital campaign of all time: Volkswagon The Fun Theory. Demonstrating that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change behaviour.   Digital tool/gadget I can’t live without: I’d rather loose my wallet than my iPhone.   If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be: If I had the talent I would want to be a pop star or on stage in a musical. In reality, I started my career as a human resources professional and had aspirations of specialising in industrial relations.   Jacki James is a digitally focused strategist with boutique strategy agency Zuni. Jacki has forged a digital marketing career spanning 15 years and has held both agency and client side roles across a diverse range of audiences and industries working on some of Australia’s leading brands. She also occasionally moonlights as a lecturer in digital marketing. Jacki is adored by clients for her no-bullshit approach, candid advice and replacing fluff with action. Amongst her pet hates are unprofessional and dull presentation decks, and overuse of industry jargon. Outside of her career Jacki is a wife, a mum, Sydney Swans devotee and indulger in trashy TV. More
My time in the digital industry:  I built my first website in 1999 back when you needed to know HTML to create content online!  My mission at Braemar: To lift Braemar to the forefront of digital and social communication.   My special blog topics: Unexpected use of digital, branding, transportation’s use of digital, aged c...are digital excellence.  Brand whose marketing I admire: Cunard – it’s a 177 year old brand that trades on its history and does it with grace and style utilising the newest digital trends.  Favourite digital campaign of all time: The recent #QM2remastered campaign brought the refurbishment of the world’s largest ocean liner to life through social media engagement. It was inclusive, engaging and highly shareable.  Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: When I got my first iPhone back in 2009 I never thought I'd need it. Now I’d struggle without it.  I use it for work, to create content for my social media channels and vlogging live from events. If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A full time maritime historian!  Bio: Chris has two unique careers, one as a marketing expert and the other a maritime historian.  As a marketer, Chris has worked for well known digital innovators, including Westfield and Marketforce.  From 2011 to 2016 he held the position of General Manager Brand and Marketing at Bethanie, where he successfully transformed Bethanie’s brand, growing market share and building awareness.  Chris is currently working as Brand and Marketing Consultant at Braemar Aged Care.  As a digital marketing expert, Chris has been a finalist in the IAB Awards, a finalist in the CEO Magazine’s prestigious Executive of the Year awards and won the Customer Service Council Gold Medal 30 under 30 award.  Chris' other career is his great passion; maritime history. Having now co-authored maritime books, Chris has travelled extensively aboard cruise ships as a guest lecturer. His knowledge of ocean liner history has seen him appear as a subject matter expert on the BBC, Sky News, ABC, Channel 7, 9 and ten as well as Radio New Zealand, LBC and the Fairfax radio network.  Chris is a Certified Practicing Marketer (Australian Marketing Institute), and holds an Honours Degree in Change Management from University of Western Australia, and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Management) from Edith Cowan University. More
My time in the digital industry: I started in 2000, so 13 years My time at Zuni: My time at Zuni started 3 years ago when I co-founded the business with Mike Zeederberg My mission at Zuni: Mike and I worked together previously and had a vision of what we wanted from an agency and what we thought our clients would want. We've created an agency tha...t delivers outstanding strategic thinking and outcomes, and one that gives something back to the world through various pro bono projects and initiatives. We strive for excellence with our amazing team to provide a work life balance, and my role is to ensure that we deliver on all our promises My special blog topics: I decided that my blogs would be designed to help people. If that meant talking about how to manage your teams successfully, or how digital innovation in the healthcare industry is going to change our lives, it didn't matter what topic I wrote about, it just had to help someone in some way. So I write blogs about topics that impact on people Digital trend I'm most excited about: Mobile wallets. I want to see the true value of NFC realised into our every day - parking stations, vending machines, everywhere, it's going to be awesome Brand whose marketing I admire: Red Bull. They are just so darn clever. Their brand marketing is interesting and engagement, and even when they're not talking about the actual product, their content creation is outstanding Favourite digital campaign of all times: It's so hard to pick just one, but I truly love Tippex, Hunter Shoots a Bear. I'm never tired of it Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: By far, my iBG Star from Sanofi Aventis. As a diabetic, I have to take 4 blood sugar readings and 4 insulin needles a day, all the data of which I have to collect and retain. 5 years ago I was writing it all in a book, now, I just plug my little gadget into my iPhone and it downloads to the best health management app I've laid my hands on. I can email my Drs all my results and I only have to carry the smallest additional hardware you can imagine. I never forget my phone when I go out, and now I'm in complete control of my health management because of it. It's the most brilliant consumer-centric innovation that I've experienced - brands need to be smart to keep people engaged, and iBG Star is my new best friend for life If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: If salary mattered, then I'd probably be a teacher, but if salary didn't matter, then I'd love to spend my days taking animals to old people's homes to enjoy some companionship, and play board games. More
My time in the digital industry: I've been working in tech and digital research for well over a decade now, wow I didn't realize it had been so long! My mission at current company: I wear a few hats in my role but my favourite is to educate the digital industry (and our advertising partners) around cutting edge trends, consumer behaviours, and dig...ital advertising. I love presenting to an engaged audience at a conference or summit and having a meaningful impact on the way they approach business, it is really rewarding.Digital trend I'm most excited about: As a research nerd, I love how 'measurement' is becoming mainstream. There is a surge in consumer technologies related to measuring sports performance, sleep, and even augmenting 'reality' with vast amounts of data. I think this is just the beginning of a new framework in which we are moving forward as a society and blending the digital into our everyday lives more seamlessly than ever before. Brand whose marketing I admire: Right now I'm loving that electric auto company, Tesla, is putting forward a vision and re-inventing an otherwise tired category. It reminds me of Apple's work with the original iPhone. Favourite digital campaign of all times: I really enjoyed the 'Smack Talk' campaigns that ran on one of the Fantasy Football platforms in the US – they were dynamic, funny and very effective. Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Smart phone... and my Jawbone UP band... oh and my Nike fit band... and the pebble watch... my tablet is great too, I love that thing. Between all of these devices I can work better, train better, sleep better and even travel better. If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Well, I probably wouldn't be living in New York, so maybe I'd be back in Australia eating a sausage roll – I miss sausage rolls. More
Name: Stephen Hunt (Managing Director, TubeMogul AU & NZ)My time in the digital industry: 8 yearsMy time at TubeMogul: 2 yearsMy mission at TubeMogul: To be remembered as the company that revolutionised brand marketing by pioneering the merger of digital and traditional broadcast. We planned, delivered and measured our first screen-agnostic campaig...n across TV, web and mobile in March this year (2013) so we are well on our way.My special blog topics: Best-practice techniques for planners, buyers and strategists. Screen-agnostic branding and measuring the right metrics.Digital trend I'm most excited about: Measuring the incremental and duplicated reach of online and traditional broadcast.Brand whose marketing I admire: RedBull (I love their content marketing approach), Coke (liquid and linked), VW (great creative), Apple (so simple it's hard to imagine how they refine it so far) and Optus and Telstra (data-driven to the max).Favourite digital campaign of all times: Decode Jay-Z with Bing -  (It's a classic but is still the best I've seen) Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: I am a gadget nut so this is really hard to say... but I'd have to say my Bose QC-15 noise cancelling headphones. I am consistently travelling for work so it is great to grab some rest or to focus on a task whilst on a plane but it also has a mic for the iphone built in so I can take calls very easily.If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A musician...which I am on the side. You can buy my E.P on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/listen-ep/id552620462 Stephen Hunt is Managing Director of TubeMogul, Australia's leading media buying platform dedicated to brand marketers. Having established the Strategy team at News Ltd, Stephen shifted to Adconion where he set up Australia's first video ad network, Adconion.TV which was later re-branded Joost and then SmartClip. At TubeMogul, Stephen has aided in the dramatic adoption of automated media trading in the video space providing brand marketers with a simple, effective and accountably way to trade online video. More
My time at digital industry: 13 yearsMy time at (current company): 7 yearsMy mission at (current company): Create ideas people can interact withMy special blog topics: CreativityDigital trend I'm most excited about: Real world interactive ideasBrand whose marketing I admire: Favourite digital campaign of all times Oreos8Digital tool/gadget I cannot... live without: iPhone 5 minus cracked screenIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: An illustrator or a rubbish cook Russ has been working in interactive advertising now for over 12 years. He started as a web designer with Euro RSCG Circle and then joined creative start-up, Agency Republic as an Art Director working on O2 mobile, LYNX, MTV, BBC NEWS and Egg Credit Cards. In 2007 Russ moved to Whybin TBWA \ TEQUILA Sydney to work on global movie websites for New Line Cinema. He's since helped save dogs for Pedigree, shift cars for Nissan and make playful interactive experiences for NRMA Insurance. He's creatively helped the agency win at Cannes, D&AD, One Show Interactive, Spikes Asia, Webby's as well as many local awards. Russ is currently National Creative Director of TBWA's Digital Arts Network and the Chair of Judges for the IAB Australia. More
Mark Henning, Director, Media & Digital Solutions Millward BrownTime at Millward Brown: 4.5 yearsMy mission at Millward Brown: To integrate media and digital thinking into brand and communications consultancy, enabling objective evaluation and optimisation of the role of digital and traditional media channels for brand based media campaignsDigi...tal trend I'm most excited about: The digital trend in general – nothing stays the same for long and you never know what will be around the cornerBrand whose marketing I admire: a bit clichéd to go with Coke I know, but the ‘Share a Coke’ and ‘Happiness’ campaigns really nail the one to one aspect of marketing in the digital ageFavourite digital campaign of all times: At the moment I’d say the Seek Volunteer: volunteer to promote volunteering campaign. Simple idea that was executed really well and built on the strengths of digital viralityDigital tool/gadget I cannot live without: I’d have to say my iPad – my family sometimes get a bit jealous I spend more time with it than themIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: a professional sports person (if only I had the talent)What kind of topics will I write about: Digital and Cross Platform branding, digital measurement, Brand building online, campaign effectiveness and anything else I feel strongly about at the time More
My time in the digital industry: 15 years My mission at ARN: Growing digital audiences and revenue by working with the existing content and sales teams, leading iHeartRadio in AustraliaMy special blog topics: collaborating within organisations, inspiring change, launching products and taking advantage of the new ways digital lets you do old thingsD...igital trend I'm most excited about: digital's ability to extend, enhance and amplify entertainment wherever you are Brand whose marketing I admire: iHeartRadio in the US has grown to 30 million registered users in 602 days, pretty impressive by any stretch of the imagination  Favourite digital campaign of all time: Halo2 with the I Love Bees campaign, one of the first great examples of creating content in a campaign Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without:  my iphone, it is welded to my hand. If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: getting more sleep. Kate Beddoe is the director of digital for the Australian Radio Network, which encompasses iHeartRadio and the digital presence for the Mix, Classic Hits and The Edge networks. She has over 15 years of experience in Australian digital media in editorial, product, sales and marketing roles with Choice, ninemsn, Hotmail and APN News and Media. In all these roles, Kate most enjoys working with traditional media to find new ways of reaching audiences and bringing the best international products to Australia. When not working she is often found being entertained by her very amusing children, making jam or risking clean-skin wine. A social media addict, Kate can be found on twitter @kbeddoe. More
Jason Stidworthy - VP, Global Head of Digital & Software at Tamaggo Enterprises Jason is a digital leader with 20 years international experience shaping the digital conversation with market leading and challenger brands in both client and agency roles. He is focused on building effective teams with intelligent, passionate and driven people who suc...cessfully deliver strategic initiatives addressing customer needs and achieving business objectives. More of Jason's blog can be read at www.jasonstidworthy.com. More
My time in the digital industry: I have been in the digital industry since 2005, with Vodafone and then Fairfax.  Prior to that I was in tech with Microsoft for 16 yearsMy mission at (current company): Our mission at Pandora is to play only music you love… http://www.pandora.com/aboutMy special blog topics: people, change, leadershipDigital trend I...'m most excited about: personalisationBrand whose marketing I admire: Huggies. Little kids always make me go “awwwwwwwwwwww”Favourite digital campaign of all times: I admire the work of the digital innovation group at Fairfax. Then again, I would say thatDigital tool/gadget I cannot live without: toss up between my ipad and my fitbit. One keeps me in, the other gets me outIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: on the stage More
Dominic Byrne, Chief Digital Officer Tyres4U / TyrerightMy time in the digital industry: Eight years. My inception to digital was the mid 90's, right at the transition of web1.0 to web2.0. This is the time where SSL encryption and third party payment services for credit cards arrived on the scene. A period where online banking transactions came int...o mainstream and the big players like Amazon, Ebay and Google were revolutionizing the online world as we know it. It wasn't until around 2007 that the Iphone and social media became part of the eCommerce model, so from a marketing perspective I've been immersed in digital in the most progressive and exciting times. My mission at (current company): Our company's mission is "the easiest organization to do business with." My team has adopted a simple philosophy of consistently and rigorously asking ourselves, how does this make our customers' lives easier? My personal mission is to ensure we go to market with an online competitive advantage, capitalize on first mover advantage and continue to innovate. As well as succeeding with online marketing initiatives, my mission is to ensure technology automation, customer relationship management, knowledge management and enterprise level technology implementation is happening with the right tools, people, investment and returnMy special blog topics: All things digital marketing, I love marketing and consider myself an early adopter with technology, so as long as its topical and relevant, I'm keen to talk about itDigital trend I'm most excited about: The Internet of things has got me excited. In years, not decades, there will be billions of 'things' connected to the Internet, equipping all objects in the world with minuscule identifying technology, transforming our daily life. The Internet of everything! Brand whose marketing I admire: Red Bull. Not just because I'm a massive extreme sports enthusiast, they just do it rightFavourite digital campaign of all time: An oldie but a goodie, is Blendtec, they nailed it with a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series of infomercials (Will it blend?) by their founder Tom Dickson, demonstrating attempts to blend various unusual items in order to show off the power of his blenderDigital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Evernote on all my devices, I don't know what I would do without itIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A skier, I would love to be a professional skier, if I wasn't successful at that, well, I'd be a ski bum. More
My time at digital industry:  15 yearsMy  time at (current company): 1 year My mission at (current company): Over the last 10 years the Australian digital industry has got lazy. I want to disrupt that. My special blog topics: Paid, Owned and Earned, and orchestrating them together Digital trend I'm most excited about: Using mobile beyond basic mark...eting apps Brand whose marketing I admire: Coca Cola. It so much more than a product.Favourite digital campaign of all times: Nokia Game Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without:  Mobile phone. How else would I be able to browse / surf / play games / answer emails on the toilet?If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: digging holes. More
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Time in the digital industry: I’ve been in the advertising, media & publishing industry for almost 30 years (straight from school) & started taking an interest in online advertising through my role as Business Development Manager at Fairfax/Business Review Weekly (BRW) in the mid to late 90’sMy time at MediaScope: I’ve had my own solo-run business ...– MediaScope – for 4 years now. It’s been quite the journeyMy mission at Mediascope: My main professional mission at MediaScope is to offer our market an independent, useful and evolving resource.  My personal mission is to stay an active and passionate part of our industry while still managing the needs of my family (4 months a year school holiday!). I’m very vocal about the challenges and opportunities for women and families in our industryMy special blog topics:  I’ll be presenting a series of topical and relevant articles, insights and opinions both unique to MediaScope and from international and local sourcesDigital trend I'm most excited about: The increasing pace of change within our entire industry is fascinating, compelling and a little frightening. I’m especially excited about the opportunities converged media brings to marketers and media owners through emerging digital media platforms being applied to traditional media such as print, outdoor and tv. I also keep a close eye on new advertising and non-advertising media revenue streams and business modelsBrand whose marketing I admire: I admire any brand which does something (anything) brave. Though we are increasingly seeing the take up of data-driven decision making. I think there is still enormous benefit to be realised in the ‘serendipitous’ marketing opportunity.  Several large marketers specifically allocate budget for innovative opportunities where outcomes cannot necessarily be predicted – or even measured accurately - but they can become a worthwhile part of a broader marketing mix, create enormous brand impact and achieve above average results .  I’d like to see more Australian brands taking marketing risks and move beyond the so called usual solutionsFavourite digital campaign of all times: The first one – AT&T’s first banner ad published by HotWired in 1994 with a whopping 74% clickthrough rate.  It’s become oh so complicated since thenDigital tool / gadget I cannot live without:  I’m seriously in love with my iPad - don’t tell my husbandIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be:  If I was to think about my dream job I’d likely be a highly successful, genY, male, single professional golfer (or maybe surfer). Yep – if I wasn’t in advertising and media then I would like to be Adam Scott.   Denise Shrivell has been a well known and active member of the Australian advertising and media industry for close to 30 years.  She has worked with major agencies and publishers and now runs MediaScope which offers resources and services in 3 core areas: a planning directory connecting buyers and sellers through 3,500 media listings with a focus on niche, alternative and emerging media; a range of resources with practical information on buying, selling advertising within our constantly changing media landscape - including the well-known ‘MediaScape’ guides & ‘Women in Media’ profiles; and tailored consultancy services for media owners and marketers as well as involvement in various industry projects.  MediaScope also produces a newsletter which is currently sent each week to over 1000 key media industry decision makers. To subscribe - http://www.mediascope.com.au/subscribe MediaScope - http://www.mediascope.com.au Twitter - https://twitter.com/mediascope LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=5371424&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile Email Address - denise@mediascope.com.au More
My time in the digital industry: 10 years covering the impact of digital on business and societyMy time at The Knowledge Engineers: 2 years My mission at The Knowledge Engineers: To define the future of digital My special blog topics: Demystifying future trends Digital trend I'm most excited about: The Singularity - when machines and humans become ...one Brand whose marketing I admire: Uniqlo Favourite digital campaign of all times: Dove, Evolution by UnileverDigital tool/gadget I cannot live without: iPhone If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: A novelist More