Nick Berry, Digital Account Manager, InitiativeMy time in the digital industry: 3 yearsTime at Initiative: 3 yearsMy mission at Initiative: My mission is to continue to explore the ever changing digital and traditional media landscape, whilst also bringing original and creative thinking towards every aspect of what we doMy special blog topics: media and more...Digital trend I'm most excited about: IPTV & the migration from desktop to mobile/tabletBrand whose marketing I admire: Red BullFavourite digital campaign of all times: I really liked the recent 'dumb ways to die' video which went viral, however I am still sceptical on how effective it will be against campaign objectivesDigital tool/gadget I cannot live without: The smartphone, but more importantly its cameraIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Locked away in my studio at home painting I have always had a strong passion for advertising. My first job in advertising was at the young age of 11 with the local catalogue letterbox drop. After university I wanted to work in creative however I fell into my first real role as a media coordinator at Initiative in 2010. At Initiative I have developed a keen interest in digital media and have also been heavily involved with the Media Federation of Australia with my role as chair of the Melbourne NGEN committee. Outside of the office, I like to get creative and paint. Even my work diary is filled with notes from meetings and drawings of animals. More
My time in the digital industry: 13 yearsMy mission at DG MediaMind: Make AdTech glamorousDigital trend I'm most excited about: The globalisation of content. I want my Netflix & hulu Plus in Australia already!!Brand whose marketing I admire: Apple. Even though I am an ex Microsoftie, I admire any brand which inspires me and "think different" does ...just that!Favourite digital campaign of all time: 2008 Obama presidential campaign - Yes We Can!Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: iPhone/iPad simultaneously. I may as well have my phone stapled to my hand.If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: On a reality show!   Carolyn Bollaci is Regional Vice President of DG MediaMind.  She is a hands-on executive with leadership capabilities in strategic business development, digital sales, strategic planning, product management/ innovation and general operations in media. She has had 12+ years in the digital space on two continents and multiple cities - Boston, San Francisco, Sydney, London and New York.  More
My time in the digital industry: 13 years My time at ZenithOptimedia: Since July 2013My mission at ZenithOptimedia: Lead a team of Open people dedicated to building great brands using media, advertising, content and some great ideas. My special blog topics: online advertising, digital strategy, measurement Digital trend I'm most excited about: Loca...tion and cross-device targeting/identification Brand whose marketing I admire: Unilever Favourite digital campaign of all times: Pedigree’s Doggleganger campaign from NZ 9Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Having thought about this it’s not a phone or a tablet but ExcelIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: Desperately trying to get a job in digital   Jonathan Betts has spent over 13 years working at both digital and full service media agencies, currently he leads the Nestle account at ZenithOptimedia. His experience covers all aspects of digital media including display, video, search, mobile and affiliates. Jonathan has worked with advertisers across categories such as financial services, telecommunications, technology, automotive, government, travel and retail for both B2C and B2B campaigns. He has built and led large teams and focused on creating a high performance culture with an emphasis on the growth and development of people. More
My time in the digital industry: 8 Years My time at Reborn: 3 Months My mission at Reborn: To help create ideas that resonate and connect with peopleMy special blog topics: The Digital Landscape Digital trend I'm most excited about: Seamless interconnectivity, between devices, environments and objects
Name: Sarah Hassanin (Also known as The Assassin and Slow Loris - to name 2 of about a hundred nicknames)   History with online media: 10 years in media sales including Bauer, MI9, TVN and now Videology. I took a brave and exciting step into the media technology space in January 2013 leading Videology's Australian expansion My mission at Videology:... To make TV even more sexy! My goal is to help advertisers understand how content is discovered by audiences across all screens and then work with them to develop a strategy that is underpinned by technology, data and creativity, in order to achieve maximum value and return   Digital trend I'm most excited about: As the boundaries begin to blur between screens I am excited about how TV is evolving. 25 years ago TV was a one way mainstream medium that was militantly scheduled. Now TV is becoming a highly personalised experience, where audiences can engage with rich content on any device, wherever they are Brand whose marketing I admire: Nike, Virgin Mobile and Coke Favourite digital campaign of all times: Tricky one to pick... One of my favourite was Lynx's  "Choose your own ending" mini movie, featuring Neil from The Inbetweeners. Just genius  Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: Has to be my iPhone and whatsapp - I am addicted!   If I wasn't working in digital, I would be: a travel show researcher (Well if I didn't have a lottery win, I would be a travel show researcher) - get paid to travel the world with a vino hand - perfect! Otherwise I would work for a childrens charity, making big corporate companies cough up their profits to affect positive changeSarah Hassanin – Commercial Director, Videology Australia & NZ Sarah has successfully launched a number of digital businesses in Australia and won the trophy Digital Services Company of the year for her work in establishing APAC’s largest digital broadcast advertising network. Sarah began her career in Music TV selling creative solutions to large entertainment advertisers. After a stint of travelling to Australia, Sarah got a real taste for Sydney life and moved over in 2008 heading up MI9’s commercial video arm, launching Channel 9’s catch up TV service. Sarah’s passion for digital and technology soared when she undertook the challenge of launching the sales division of start-up TVN. Now, Sarah is leading the expansion of multi-screen addressable video at Videology. One of the longest standing figureheads of the digital sector, Sarah is a real expert in digital and emerging media technologies.  More
Gai Le Roy is CEO at IAB Australia. Gai also spent many years as the Director of Research at IAB Australia. Her expertise in research and measurement positions her pefectly to drive the IAB, and helps push IAB's programs to stimulate online and mobile display as well as search investment by standardising and simplifying online audience and med...ia measurement. She also chairs the IAB Australia Measurement Council, and leads the IAB councils in their measurement and research projects.  More
Time at IAB: started in 2013 but have worked in online since the early noughties   My mission at IAB Australia: To develop a better website - to create compelling content, knowledge and stories via our digital channelsDigital trend I'm most excited about: Gamification - ads that look like films, play like games, make me surprised, inspire and humou...r me - in short, entertain meBrand whose marketing I admire: Melbourne Metro's 'Dumb Ways to Die' (of course!) - the catchy tune, the deadly message - it's clever, interesting, dark and very entertaining.  My favourite digital campaign of all times: Old Spice via social - the single take and spin offs were terrific Digital tool/gadget I cannot live without: my smartphone obviously as it's my conduit to everyone and everything - for good and bad, it keeps me connected to the worldIf I wasn't working in digital, I would be: traveling and learning, pushing sustainability, hanging out with inspiring people... - money's no object right? More