Article Watch – 10 ‘Must Reads’ for November

Each month, Denise Shrivell presents us with, Article Watch. She will link you straight to interesting and relevant content and opinions which she's seen from both local and overseas sources - as well as insights and guides unique to MediaScope.


  1. State of the Media - Vanessa Hutley - GM of Music Rights Australia - shares insights into the far reaching impact advertising revenue generated by pirated music sites is having on the music and creative industries

  2. Five Ways the Advertising Industry is About to Transform - (HBRBlog) - worthwhile look at how technology is very quickly changing our industry.

  3. 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013 - (eConsultancy) - including the latest Volvo ad featuring the far too flexible & balanced Jean-Claude Van Damme. Worth a look.

  4. The Life of an Ad: Infographic - (ExchangeWire) - interesting view of the super-quick process of buying real time digital advertising.

  5. What's Next for Media Sales? - articles & insights looking into the fast evolving role of the media sales specialist.

  6. Media Outlets Embrace Conferences as Revenue Rises - (NYTimes) - as publishers search for ways to secure new revenue streams in many ways media outlets are natural partners for live events.

  7. What Can We Expect from the Next Decade of Marketing - (Forbes) - an interesting look at Kotler's application of marketing to businesses in the last century which now moves to the application of technology in this century.

  8. Everything Advertising People Love in 90secs - US agency Lowe Roche created this short, entertaining video which benchmarks advertising people & our habits against so called 'normal' people. Funny!

  9. What I've learned 6 months into a new Publishing Model - (MarketingMag) - the publisher of shares his experiences with this new mobile-first experimental publishing model.

  10. BLODGET: This Is What You Need To Know About The Future Of Digital - (via BusinessInsiderAU) - this comprehensive overview was recently delivered to an audience of business leaders within the tech space by CEO of Business Insider – Henry Blodget

Article Watch is provided by Denise Shrivell at Mediascope

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Lucy Halliday on Monday, 02 December 2013 16:20

This is a terrific summary - thanks Denise!

This is a terrific summary - thanks Denise!
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