Article Watch October – ‘Must Reads’ Powered by MediaScope

Article Watch October – ‘Must Reads’ Powered by MediaScope

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community.

- 20 Years of Digital Advertising from Banner Ads to Sponsored Snapchats (AdAge) – As banners celebrate their landmark 20th Birthday this interesting timeline shows the progression of digital advertising from the humble banner ad on Hotwired to now.

- How Google Works (DigitalBuzz) – Eric Schmidt produced this slideshare summary of his recent NY Times best selling book which offers a fascinating top line look at how Google runs its business.

- Value in the Media Industry is Moving to the Edges with Publishers in the Middle (Gigaom) - the internet has disrupted media where the value has moved to specialised creators & to discovery platforms, leaving media companies in the middle.

- The Biggest Challenges Programmatic Advertising Faces (Digiday) - While programmatic advertising is near universally acknowledged as the future direction of media buying it still faces a raft of challenges. Brand & agency executives cite what they believe are the greatest impediments to growth...

- What Do You Like About Media & Why Is It a Good Career Choice? - MediaScope's Brains Trust shares their views on their experiences of working in the media segment of our broader industry.

- Making Sense of Owned Media (HBR) - "Marketers often distinguish between paid, earned, & owned media. While the strategies are different, the goal is the same — to generate awareness & engagement. Paid & earned get most of the attention, but the new battleground is going to be owned media..."

- mLab Wrap - Comprehensive overview of GroupM's recent 2nd annual event held in Sydney in early October. mLab highlighted a range of media owners who are shaping the Australian consumer & publishing landscape.

- The Multiple Values of Media Diversification (MondayNote) - "The era of news media based on single product is over. In every field, diversification is mandatory, but yields will vary. Decisive prioritization of these outlined revenue generating products & services will make a big difference".

- Aust Digital Stats 2014 - 30 Fast Facts (DigitalMarketingLab) - Worthwhile annual overview looking at Australian's mobile & tablet use, online spending, social media use - & advertising expenditure.

- IAB Global Insights Report - The IAB in the US offers this annual report with "expert commentary from the top digital global leaders, case studies, emerging trends & how the best marketers make the biggest difference".

- Q&A with Fairfax Media's National Agency Director: Chris Freel – Chris offer his coal-face insights of working with one of Australia's oldest and largest publishers - "I have been at Fairfax for over 5 years & heard a lot of commentary over this time (good & bad). However it is what I see (not hear) that drives me every day".

- What Advertisers Should Know About Facebook's Relaunch of Atlas (Digiday) - Facebook's re-released ad-server - Atlas - has been heralded by some as a significant development not just for Facebook, but for Web advertising, in general.

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