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Simplify & Inspire Podcast: Ep. 10 - Digital Revenue - The Mechanisms Behind the Figures and What it all Means

Revenue measurement is always a hot topic and the latest Online Ad Spend figures are due out next week. In this episode IAB CEO Vijay Solanki talks with IAB Director of Research Gai Le Roy and PwC Australia Partner Megan Brownlow about the hard work and smarts behind digital revenue reports.

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Happy to March to the Beat of a Different Drum

"Naturally media and marketing people are interested in media and marketing channels, much like people who work in the auto industry would be more interested in cars. In fact you could argue that it is part of their job to be aware and across emerging marketing options."

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Digital & Sports: Streaming, Screen Time & Consumer Habits

How is digital changing our viewing habits when it comes to sports? How is screen time split? What is being streamed and what does that mean for broadcast media?

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IAB Conversations: Digital Landscape in Australia v USA

​We recently sat down with Yvette Mayer from OMD to discuss and compare the digital landscape in Australia to the US. Which areas is Australia ahead? Which areas are equally progressed? Where are the differences and similarities?

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Digital Fact Sheet - May. 2017

Digital Fact Sheet summarising key points on, ad revenue CY16, viewability, ad blocking, brand safety and invalid traffic/ad fraud.

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Australian Online Landscape Review - Mar. 2017

The digital landscape in March 2017 saw Australians spend 69 hours surfing online across over 248 sessions per person.

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Digital's Share of Entire Australian Market, CY 2016

Digital grew to 48.6% of the total Australia advertising market in calendar year 2016, up 6.1% from CY 2015.

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Digital Data Best Practice Handbook

Data is now so ubiquitous that it can often be overwhelming when looking to incorporate a strategy around data and how to go about it.

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What's On

IAB Digital Ad Operations Conference 2017

ADOPS Banner

Join us on June 21, 2017 for our IAB Digital Ad Operations Conference in Melbourne. Tickets on sale now.

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Squared Online

Google's Squared Online is offering IAB members an exclusive 15% discount off the course price for the intake. 

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Sports in Digital Media Infographic - May 2017

IAB Sports Digital Media Infographic May 2017

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Digital Facts Infographic - May 2017

IAB Digital Fact Infographic May 2017

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Digital Online Landscape - March 2017

IAB IG AU Online Landscape Review Mar.2017

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