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Yahoo!7 today announced its first choose-your-own-ending online video campaign for Unilever's Impulse brand.

Visible Measures: The 2011 Social Video Advertising Report

The annual review of Social Video Advertising Performance from Visible Measures. The significant increase in views this quarter compared to previous years illustrates just how fast the social video industry is growing.

Nielsen: Online Landscape Review Report – December 2011

In this December 2011 release, a review the latest unique audience trends and top retailers percentage growth over the 4th quarter is presented.

Dynamic Logic & iMedia Connection: How to Bolster Ad Effectiveness in a Saggy Economy

This article explores questions such as "how do poor economic conditions affect ad performance? Can ads still motivate awareness during a weak economy?".


Tequila developed an exhilaration scale Zen to Z in order to prove that the new Nissan 370Z is more exhilarating than you think. “An original idea in the overdone category of sort-of-fast-cars-for-bankers. Well executed with some cracking content” – Nic Hodges

Google: Influence of Digital Media on Car Purchases

Google worked with the car company Fiat to identify the key marketing drivers to purchase, and to quantify the effect and efficiency of each. This study focused on both direct and indirect effects as well as on the role of online and offline advertising.

J.D. Power and Associates: 2012 New Autoshopper Study

Influenced by the phenomenal growth of mobile devices to access the Internet, tablets and smartphones are being used by one in five new-vehicle buyers who use the Internet in the automotive shopping process, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 New Autoshopper Study.

MediaMind: 7 best practices for building a smart ad

This report highlights 7 best practices for smarter ads, yielding an average improvement of 20% to 70% in performance. Average performance benchmarks for over 50 countries by ad format and industry vertical are included.

iMedia Connections: The 10 hottest media trends for 2012

What are the digital media trends we need to watch in 2012? Beyond the continued rise of DSPs and much anticipated industry consolidation, here are the developments you need to be tracking, from HTML5 to Facebook apps.

Google: 2011 Automotive Shopping Behaviour Study

This report gives insights on the diverse set of online tools vehicle shoppers use during their decision making process: what impact does search have on consumer's decision, what is the role of online research, how mobile is used throughout the process, what is impact of online video.

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