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A simulated video ad unit which exist as standalone video distribution not associated with UGC, Syndicated, Sourced or Journalistic content. User must interact with creative in order to hear sound and display in full screen.

A video ad which plays at specific point during content consumption, usually in 15’ or 30’ formats.

Video ads which are displayed within the context of streaming video content. Comprising of four types of video content: UGC (User Generated Content), Syndicated, Sourced and Journalistic.

Allows advertisers to serve relevant ad content to viewers on every impression. Advertisers can swap out elements of the ad such as text, exit URLs or images based on targeting rules that are defined and serve different ads to different target markets.

A video ad associated with video content that initiates “play” without an explicit user interaction.

Refers to media that combines entertainment such as television, movies or songs with elements of advertising to promote products or brands. (E.g. product placement in a movie.)

Metric that indicates how many times listeners respond to interactive audio ads via voice in order to connect with advertiser offers (by automatically initiating call, a video view, request an email, webpage open, content selection) on a mobile device.

Some platforms offer integration with a technology that enables listeners to respond to an ad in handsfree mode by simply speaking. Specific calls-to-action might be to have information emailed or texted to the user, enabling a connection between the advertiser and the consumer.

The number of unduplicated users listening to a given online audio program, piece of content, or advertising message. Typically ‘listeners’ and ‘streamers’ are interchangeable.

The total number of unique people (de-duplicated) that visited a site at least once during the specified time period. Note this is a people based measure rather than users or registrations.

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