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Total number of hours streamed (during sessions of at least one minute) within the daypart/time period. If analysis is being carried out for advertising reach purposes only the addressable audience should be included.

The average amount of weekly time spent listening by an individual user within the daypart/time period. An individual user’s discreet sessions are added together to calculate total weekly TSL. If analysis is being carried out for advertising reach purposes only the addressable audience should be included.

The percentage of total advertising weight per brand in a competitive set.

The number of streams within the daypart/time period.

Typically available in standard lengths such as :15, :30, and :60, these spots can run independently or within a commercial stop-set with other units. They are pre-recorded and sometimes include a clickable on-screen element. They can be dynamically inserted into music streams and podcasts. Positioning can include pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

Personalised and on-demand online/ streamed audio services that create playlists based on user preferences of artists, tracks, or genres.

KPI measuring the effectiveness of an audio ad based on the ratio of Audio Impressions and Visits.

A collection of tracks grouped together for continuous play.

Audio programming available to consumers on a streaming basis, delivered via the wired and mobile internet.

These spots are often read by a podcast host, and can include an endorsement. Length of these spots tends to be irregular. Native ads are more often associated with podcasts. These units can be permanently integrated into the program or dynamically inserted. Positioning can include preroll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

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