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Number of streaming listeners that are consuming ad-supported content. Excludes listeners paying for an ad-free service.

Number of sessions that were active within a given time period.

Metric that indicates how many times listeners completed an action after being exposed to an audio ad.

Upper part of the marketing funnel serves to spread awareness, educate prospects, and cultivate brand favourability for a product or service.

An identifier derived and assigned by an algorithm to determine a device or user based on the values or a combination of standard attributes made available by the device. This analysis is largely dependent upon device information passed in HTTP headers of ad requests, namely device type, operating system, user-agent, fonts, and IP address. Some attributes can change over time due to device changes or updates.

Data that is derived from one source. Collects data from an individual or household within a specific time period. Often used to collect data on both media exposure and purchase behaviour.

The lower part of the marketing funnel converts leads into opportunities and sales.

Data used to report a device’s location and as well as the ability to understand which places reside at physical locations on a map. Data types can include: GPS data, wi-fi/beacon data, carrier data and IP address. (More info on location data can be found in the IAB Australia Mobile Data Location Handbook.)

Percentage or number of people within an advertiser’s target audience reached by a campaign.

Attempts to assemble an individual consumer’s device graph, largely based on the likelihood that seemingly disparate devices are being used by the same individual.

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