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A device-generated identifier set and/or made available by the device’s operating system. Users usually cannot control or change a device-generated identifier. Examples include MAC address and UDID.

A user resettable ID assigned by the device or operating environment for use as an advertising marker. The key difference between a Device ID and an Advertising ID is that Advertising IDs can be reset by the user at any time. Examples include Apple’s IDFA and Android’s AAID.

A first party that sells or shares data to a nonaffiliated website or service. Most rules around data ownership, use and control are governed only in relation to first and third-party definitions, the reason to distinguish a second party from either a first or third party has fallen out of favour, since in relation to data collection it is treated as a first party and in relation to data sharing it is treated as a third-party.

The number of media exposures delivered above the frequency threshold. Also includes the amount of times that an ad is delivered to an audience who is not relevant for a particular offer. (E.g. People who do not and will not have access to a service that are seeing adverts for that particular service, or lower socio-economic groups with little disposable income who are seeing adverts for luxury items.)

Measuring impact on short term revenue. The period of time for this measure differs by type of product and its sales cycle.

How likely consumers are to recommend a brand to others.

The likelihood that a consumer will buy a particular product.

Measured as the ability of an ad (or medium) to change brand preference.

The measured effect of multiple channels working together during a campaign, also known as the media multiplier effect i.e.. being exposed to 2+ channels provides incremental impact above what would have been gained from either one individually (1+1=3).

Measuring impact on long term revenue. The period of time for this measure differs by type of product and its sales cycle.

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