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Measure of how likeable consumers find a company or brand.

The maximum amount of exposures before diminishing returns kicks in.

The concept that all brand measures decline over time without support from communications.

Measurable KPIs associated with branding objectives, such as brand lift, affinity, or favourability.

Measuring how effective their communications activities are in changing consumer perceptions on one or more of the primary purchase funnel stages.

A measure of relationship change. Do people feel more positive toward a brand after they experience the advertising?

Percentage of consumers who would consider a brand for a given purchase occasion.

A measure of advertising effectiveness in which a sample of respondents is exposed to an ad and then at a later point in time is asked if they remember the ad. Ad recall can be on an aided or unaided basis. Aided ad recall is when the respondent is told the name of the brand or category being advertised.

Credit is disproportionately applied to events at the beginning and end of a path to conversion. Example: 40% of credit could be given to events occurring in the last day before a desired outcome, 20% to events occurring between days 1-13, and the remaining 40% to events occurring on the first day.

Credit is applied to events at increasing or decreasing intervals along a path to conversion. Event values are usually altered based on specific time windows when the events occur. Example: 40% of credit could be given to events within 24 hours of conversion, 30% to events within 1-3 days, 20% to events within 3-7 days, and 10% to events within 7-14 days.

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