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Media & Commerce Behaviour Trends: Temporary vs Permanent Changes

This webinar will highlight some of the recent changes in behaviour in media consumption and beyond and will help identify what habits might stick. Presenters will give marketers guidance on preparing for the recovery.

IAB Member Q&A: Advertising measurement through the COVID-19 period

The COVID-19 period has brought great change in consumer sentiment and behaviour and significant increases in digital and other media consumption. At the onset of the lockdown period a significant proportion of advertisers paused or decreased their ad spend, but some are now back in the market investing.

To ensure longer term business viability coming out of this period and the ensuing economic downturn, it’s important that marketers continue to invest in media and maintain share of voice. Advertising measurement can provide the confidence to marketers to continue spending, with insight on brand salience, creative cut-through, message resonance and sales ROI etc.

PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q1 2020

Every quarter, Pubmatic analyzes over 15 trillion advertiser bids flowing each month through PubMatic’s platform. This allows them to observe real-time trends in the mobile space that may allude to broader digital industry trends. These insights are distilled into the Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI

Identity, Project Rearc & Privacy Sandbox

This webinar is be co-hosted by Dan Richardson (Head of Data, ANZ at Verizon Media) and covers the critical topic of identity – and the IAB’s global project to rearchitect digital marketing, known as ‘project rearc’. The content includes an update from IAB Tech Lab's Jordan Mitchel and Sam Tingleff with a review of the current state-of-play and early testing outcomes of Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

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Advertising through economic downturn

As Australians start to enjoy the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions lifting, the first real signs of the economic downturn are being revealed and marketers face some tough decisions as they navigate how to balance shorter-term sales expectations with brand communications that are critical for business success to ensure they remain competitive and in the best possible position through the economic trough and into recovery.

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Blis: The changing behaviour series

We are living in unprecedented times, that goes without saying. Everyone is impacted, lives are changing, travel is restricted, gyms, restaurants and stores are closing – consumer behaviours are shifting rapidly. Daily life as we know it is different…for now. Blis is bringing you regular updates in our ‘The changing behaviour series’, from trends we’re seeing in our data and how that is being reflected by what brands are doing around the world.

AdTech Q&A: Identity, third-party cookies and rearchitecting advertising

Identity, third-party cookies and re-architecting advertising for the future

Identity in Digital Advertising remains a very hot topic for our members. With the usage of third-party cookies for retargeting, cross-site tracking and ad-serving being blocked by all major browsers by 2022, we are keen to review the potential ramifications of these changes and discuss whether this challenge for the industry can be an opportunity to significantly improve the way that digital marketing currently operates.

Data Governance & Consumer Privacy

This webinar is co-hosted by Ben Sharp (Regional Director - Data, Identity and Personalisation at Salesforce) with a presentation by privacy expert Anna Johnston, Principal, Salinger Privacy. It highlights key areas of focus for Australian marketers and publishers in relation to responsible data management, its governance and the ever-evolving requirements of consumer privacy in 2020.

DOOH – From Go to Whoa

This session is designed for both traditional OOH buyers looking to understand digital and programmatic OOH as well as digital investors looking to understand the nuances of DOOH opportunities.

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