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AD Tech Q&A: Competently managing brand safety in times of crisis

IAB Australia has recently issued an urgent call to action for brands, agencies, ad verification firms, and other companies in the digital advertising supply chain to better manage their blocking of media buying against topics including keywords such as 'crisis', 'COVID-19' and 'coronavirus'. We have been keen to build awareness around this topic but have also made some simple recommendations in relation to buyers utilising semantic contextual targeting to fully understand the editorial context.

We have since prepared a few questions for our verification vendor members to which we've received the following responses.

The Trade Desk - The Edge Academy

The Edge Academy is a programmatic advertising training and certification series designed to build professional confidence, drive real business outcomes, and advance the careers of data-driven marketers around the world. From the fundamentals to advanced concepts, our results-driven, online curriculum features self-paced video courses, industry knowledge, and thought leadership from some of the founding members of programmatic.

Launched by The Trade Desk in 2013, the Edge was born out of a vision to create an open, more relevant advertising ecosystem by providing digital marketers with the concepts, language, and skills needed to navigate the complex programmatic landscape.”

Access to this free program can be found here


If you have questions relating to this program please email

Verizon Media Academy Masterclasses

Session 1: The neuroscience of resilience and how to thrive in the new world 

We all experience stress. And in these global pandemic times, for many of us, stress is sharply rising. Yet so can our resilience. Exploring the correlated relationship of stress and resilience; we’ll show you how to channel anxiousness into a positive force to improve decision-making, productivity and collaboration.
This workshop will arm individuals with a number of neuroscience-based tools and hacks to thrive in today’s unprecedented world.

During this interactive workshop you’ll learn about:

  • The stress and resilience relationship: how to channel stress to boost resilience
  • How to make resilience a hallmark of your internal thought-processes and external personal brand
  • How to accurately and effectively lead with resilience

When: Wednesday 8th April, 11.00am-11.45am AEST 

Facilitator: Shelley Laslett (Neuroscience Coach, Vitae) 

You can register here for this free session

If you have any questions regarding this or any other Verizon Masterclass please reach out to Elika Tamaddoni

Australians Significantly Increase Time On Food And Cooking Websites

7 APRIL, 2020 SYDNEY: As Australians are being asked to stay home in an effort to flatten the curve of coronavirus (COVID-19), they are spending significantly more time with online food and cooking content. And it’s younger audiences that are driving the increases in time.

COVID-19 Market Insights Rundown

Summary of insights pieces in relation to market and consumer trends due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Research pieces from IAB, IAB members and other important industry reports. 

Friday 3rd April 2020: Industry association IAB Australia has issued an urgent call to action for brands, agencies, ad verification firms, and other companies in the digital advertising supply chain to stop blocking the news. The call comes as many brand and agency teams have mistakenly updated their programmatic and all other media buying to prevent any advertising surrounded by topics including “crisis,” “COVID-19,” and “coronavirus”

IAB Quarantine Quiz
IAB Quarantine Quiz

To test you digital knowledge, keep you on your toes, and just for a bit of fun to relieve the boredom, IAB Australia is running a Quarantine Quiz Series.

There will be a new quiz on a different topic every week, and we are tallying the results and will announce a winner when life returns to normal (whenever that is...).

Project Rearc Webinar

IAB Tech Lab and IAB Australia are hosting a series of Project Rearc Webinars. This first webinar on Thursday, April 2, will provide an overview on the history of cookies, tracking, and the evolution of the internet, and how we got to where we are today. We’ll provide different perspectives, more information on the next steps, and how to get involved in the process.


Digital Audio Buyer's Guide: Education and Training Deck

This educational and training deck combines the August 2019 Buyer's Guide with the latest research and education from IAB Australia. It is designed to educate marketers and advertisers with the information and resources necessary to take advantage of Digital Audio advertising opportunities. 


As we hunt for information, consumption patterns are changing

News consumption has understandably changed over the last few weeks, as people seek out information and return to news websites for regular updates. Overall time spent on news digital sites and apps is up 29% for March to date compared to the same period in February. IAB Australia and Nielsen have analysed data from Digital Content Ratings to provide the market with some insight on these changes. 


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