Executive Technology Council

IAB Australia announced in June 2017 the formation of the IAB Executive Technology Council, which takes full advantage of the IAB’s scale, competencies and member base to identify and address critical issues in advertising technology innovation. The Technology Council brings an exceptional depth of knowledge which is invaluable to brands.

The on-going goal is to identify how technological innovations can deliver value and business outcomes for marketers Australia-wide, focusing on technical standards, operating guidelines, research, marketing, value-chain relationships and best practices.



Executive Technology Council member representatives: 

Krish Raja – Amobee

Deryck Wills – EMX Digital

Talia Knowles-Rivas – Facebook

Martin Bertilsson – Google

Nina Vanneck – Google

Adam Furness – Impact

Ayaan Mohamud – Impact

James Diamond – Integral Ad Science

Jessica Miles – Integral Ad Science

Renee Fittock – LinkedIn

Jason Denny – News

Peter Barry – Pubmatic

Tina Tsang – Pubmatic

Andrew Double – Quantcast

Craig Bonser – Quantcast

Rohan Creasey – Rubicon Project

Ben Sharp – Salesforce

Lamberto Di Gioia – Seven

TBC – Spotify

TBC – The Trade Desk

John McNerney – Verizon Media

Steve Cuda – WooliesX

Erica Blakslee – Xandr

Samuel Tan – Xandr

Work completed by the Executive Technology Council includes:

If you have any questions relating to the work being carried out by this Council, please email iabcouncils@iabaustralia.com.au.

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