Standards and Guidelines Council

The IAB Standards and Guidelines Council has with the following aims:

  • Identify Standards and Guidelines both nationally and internationally
  • Evaluate the needs of the Australian online advertising industry
  • Establish a program of work for Standards and Guidelines
  • Produce and promote Standards and Guidelines for the Australian online advertising industry

The IAB Standards and Guidelines Council meets on a monthly basis and has industry wide representation across publishers, media agencies and creative agencies. They provide a broad, collective voice in addressing the key issues and challenges faced by the industry, by marketers and by the members' own organisations.

The Council sets its own agenda and leverages the skills, experience and networks of Council Members to set annual programmes of work, identify resources required, work with partner organisations, and submit recommendations to the IAB Australia Board.

IAB Standards and Guidelines Council members:

Standards and Guidelines Council Members - October 2018

Standards & Guidelines Council member representatives: 

Trent Durfee – Sizmek
Linda Nguyen – Sizmek
Amy McCormack – Human Traffic
Colm Dolan – Publift
James Fisher – Nine Entertainment
Ben Campbell – Nine Entertainment
Justin Orchard – Oath
Nathan Farrugia – REA Group
Sandra Moynihan – Fairfax Media
Adam Sloan – Telstra
Archanah Lingam – Google
Paul Luckett – News Corp
Snez Savoulidis – Allure Media
Talia Knowles-Rivas – Facebook
David Benjafield – MediaMath
Irene Kurniawan – Rubicon Project

IAB's Standards and Guidelines Council the recently completed and aprtaken in the following work: 

The IAB Standards and Guidelines Council is seeking new members on a regular basis but to be considered you must be an IAB Member. If you have any questions relating to the work being carried out by this Council, please email

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