June - July 2013 second runner up: Cheers For All The Years
Client: Virgin Mobile Australia
Creative Agency: Havas Worldwide SYD
Industry: Telecoms

Campaign Information
Havas Worldwide Sydney's mission was to position Virgin Mobile Australia apart from its competitors and focus on rewarding loyal customers.

The creative, personalised solution was to create a direct campaign celebrating each loyal customers 'Virgin Mobile birthday' with an email on their sign-up anniversary containing a music video celebration.

Loyal customers received an email on their sign-up date wishing them a happy Virgin Mobile birthday. The birthday message incorporated a one-take music video with 6 dynamic personalisation using a dynamic tracking technique, developed especially for this campaign that transformed each video into an ode to the customer.

This campaign achieved 90% email open rates for Virgin Mobile Australia.

Judge's Comment
Driving people to video content created specifically for an eDM is becoming more common. This is a great example, delivering a nicely executed video thanking existing customers for their loyalty. What I like the most is the surprise SMS delivered to the customer, in sync with the video.


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