February-March 2014 Winner: Tinder Takeover
Client: Amnesty International
Agency: Circul8
Campaign type: App 
Industry: Human Rights NGO

Campaign Information:

This International Women's Day, Circul8 paired up a very odd couple, as Amnesty International became the first ever company to create a Tinder profile. Why? To illustrate that many women around the world do not have the same choices that those on Tinder do.

The chemistry began when we realised that the extremely popular, social discovery app Tinder is a place where women are in a relatively unique position of power, being able to pick and choose their suitors in a safe, empowering environment.

Amnesty's profile was prioritised by Tinder during International Women's Day. When women logged on to Tinder they saw profile pictures displaying hard hitting messages such as, "Not all women have the power to choose like you do", each directing them to makethechoice.com.au.

Here, this idea of choice was played out on a cutting-edge, fully-responsive HTML5 microsite detailing the rights abuses many women face, and the work Amnesty does to stand up for them.

Effectively, we compelled visitors to use their power of choice by choosing to stand up for women who don't have that same power.

The campaign, which was a world first, made both national and international headlines, reaching several industry blogs and travelling as far as the women's section of Telegraph.co.uk.