Qantas Instameet

Working with Qantas, we created a photographic journey across Australia, powered by social media and covering 7.6 million square kilometres. The campaign celebrated 95 years of flying Australians home by following Qantas flight routes around the country on an unforgettable nine-day journey, holding Instameets along the way and capturing what #FeelsLikeHome to Australians.

We recruited five of Australia’s top Instagrammers to guide our journey as we ran the first-ever Instameet to span an entire nation, with nine consecutive Instameets featuring professional photographers, everyday Australians, crocodiles, camels and an epic 95th Birthday Party.

In total 5.8 million Instagram users were reached through the campaign and over 1,700 photos shared, collecting more than 500,000 likes in the process.



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