MarketingMag: Jason Stidworthy: NRMA’s champion of digital driving business results


In the lead up to the announcement of the inaugural IAB Australia Digital Marketer of the Year Award on 11 July, we'll be running profiles of the six finalists. Today we talk with Jason Stidworthy, NRMA's head of marketing and digital – membership and brand.

The Award seeks to identify the digital marketer who has shown bravery in their digital marketing endeavours through their vision and use of channels and technologies, and has proven tangible, sustained results for their business.

NRMA's Jason Stidworthy was nominated for championing the growth of the digital discipline within NRMA to becoming a key driver of the overall business strategy. He has led projects to overhaul the online presence of the multiple facets of the company, develop a significant mobile strategy and redeveloped the brand's social footprint into one of the largest of a motoring club in the world.

Stidworthy's efforts have seen acquisition campaigns driving strong conversion rates and significant growth in new business generated online, traffic to the MyNRMA site, and other tracking metrics.

Stidworthy also developed the Digital Working Group within NRMA, a monthly meeting with representatives from all areas of the business. This has significantly smoothed out delivery processes and has led to all areas incorporating digital thinking into their business plans.

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