The problem of ad fraud—specifically non-human traffic commonly referred to in the advertising industry as “bot traffic”—is a huge and growing concern in the world of digital marketing. It is a problem affecting all stakeholders within the advertising ecosystem—advertisers, their agencies, and media companies.

Yet, confusion still exists around the extent and nature of the bot problem in digital advertising, particularly in digital video, one of the fastest growing digital formats with the highest propensity for bots. And perhaps even more importantly, there is still uncertainty at the industry level as to what can and should be done to alleviate and eliminate the problem.

In partnership with global bot prevention leader White Ops, Videology is working to turn the tide on this growing problem by starting with education. In this whitepaper, we define the scale and underlying causes and sources of bot traffic, outline the current solutions and best-practices currently available to combat non-human traffic, and propose industry recommendations on how to proactively and definitively put bots and their perpetrators out of business. Additionally, we will share a case study that quantitatively showcases why this is all so important and how, through the right bot prevention steps, inventory can be rid of bots and drive higher brand engagement scores.

Download the Videology Paper below.

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