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AdExchanger: As Data Proliferates, Publishers Grapple With Understanding Its Value

AdExchanger - July 28, 2017: Australia’s Breach notification laws come into effect next February and will mean a host of new requirements will be imposed on any business managing data in Australia. In brief terms, a data breach is suffered when there is unauthorized access of personal information. This article expands on why Publishers need to better understand data management, storage, and capability. 

New digital data legislation proposed for 2019

New laws slated to be in effect in 2019, will give consumers new rights to use their digital data, and data holders permission to be proactive about data possibilities.

The Data Sharing and Release Act (DSR) designed as part of a new data management framework, by the Productivity Commission (PC) and proposed in the PC’s recent report examining Australia’s use of data, will create a new lens through which to view data; as a valuable asset being created and utilised, not merely a risk or an overhead.

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The Australian: Regulatory systems are struggling in digital age

The Australian - Nov. 15, 2016: Data, it’s the electricity of our age. Global internet traffic is predicted to nearly triple over the next five years, driving billions of dollars of investment in the construction of new data centres that enable our digital lives.

Sydney Morning Herald: Big data revolution comes at a huge cost

SMH - Nov. 15, 2016: Two-and-a-half years ago, the financial world was full of hype about a great new system that would lead to cheaper loans for customers who paid their bills on time.

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ZDNet: Big W confirms customer data exposure

ZDNet - Nov. 14, 2016: The discount department store ceased online shopping operations last Thursday after customer data was pre-populating as a result of a 'technical issue'.

Data Availability and Use: Productivity Commission Draft Report - Oct. 2016

The Government draft report was released on 3 November 2016. The public is invited to examine the draft report and to make written submissions by Monday 12 December 2016.

The final report is expected to be handed to the Australian Government in March 2017.

Review the Data Availability and Use paper and the overview guide below. Also included is an infographic.


Innovations Morrison wants to let the data flow

Innovations - 7 Nov., 2016: The Treasurer Scott Morrison has thrown the substantial weight of his office behind draft that would give consumers more control over data held by banks and others about themselves, and enable broader access to datasets considered of national interest.

TEN News: Health experts call for crack down on kid-targeted junk food advertising

TEN News - Nov. 6, 2016: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has slammed the federal government for failing to properly address the nation’s obesity ‘epidemic,’ and has called for increased regulation on unhealthy food.

Wall Street Journal: Stop Ads That Follow You on Facebook, Google and the Web

WSJ - Nov. 4, 2016: Yesterday you searched for Planters nuts on Amazon. Today, there he is, Mr. Peanut—monocle, top hat and all—smack in the middle of your Facebook feed.

Australian Financial Review: Big data belongs to the people, says Productivity Commission

AFR - Nov. 3, 2016: Incumbent business and entrenched sectors across the economy from finance, communications to healthcare and transport face a wave of disruption and innovation if a bold Productivity Commission proposal to give consumers a powerful new "right" to access their data gets up.

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