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Innovations Morrison wants to let the data flow

Innovations - 7 Nov., 2016: The Treasurer Scott Morrison has thrown the substantial weight of his office behind draft that would give consumers more control over data held by banks and others about themselves, and enable broader access to datasets considered of national interest.

TEN News: Health experts call for crack down on kid-targeted junk food advertising

TEN News - Nov. 6, 2016: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has slammed the federal government for failing to properly address the nation’s obesity ‘epidemic,’ and has called for increased regulation on unhealthy food.

Wall Street Journal: Stop Ads That Follow You on Facebook, Google and the Web

WSJ - Nov. 4, 2016: Yesterday you searched for Planters nuts on Amazon. Today, there he is, Mr. Peanut—monocle, top hat and all—smack in the middle of your Facebook feed.

Australian Financial Review: Big data belongs to the people, says Productivity Commission

AFR - Nov. 3, 2016: Incumbent business and entrenched sectors across the economy from finance, communications to healthcare and transport face a wave of disruption and innovation if a bold Productivity Commission proposal to give consumers a powerful new "right" to access their data gets up.

Lawyers Weekly: Who is really looking after your sensitive records? The risk of offshore records management

Lawyers Weekly - 1 Nov., 2016: This year, Australia’s market leader in document storage, Recall, was taken over by US-based Iron Mountain, meaning Australian businesses who had chosen Recall as their provider now find their records in the hands of an overseas giant.

Forbes: Facebook And Google Win From New FCC Privacy Regulations, And Everyone Else Loses

Forbes - Oct. 31, 2016:If you want a vibrant media business, it doesn’t come for free – somebody has to pay for this. And there are two major sources of funding media content – consumers (for example, subscriber fees) and marketers (through advertising).

Regulations     Regulations     2016 Legal challenge filed against Privacy Shield - 28 Oct., 2016: A legal challenge against the EU-US Privacy Shield has been launched before the European courts by civil, human and legal rights campaigners.

FCC: FCC Adopts Broadband Consumer Privacy Rules

Federal Communications Commission (USA) - 27 Oct., 2016: FCC Adopts Privacy Rules To Give Broadband Consumers Increased Choice, Transparency And Security For Their Personal Data Getting data privacy and security right is 'paramount' to success of open banking, says regulator - 26 Oct., 2016: Getting data privacy and security right is "paramount" to the success of open banking, a regulator has said.

Lexology: Australia to take the lead in developing international blockchain standards

Lexology - 25 Oct., 2016: This month, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) appointed Standards Australia to lead the development of international blockchain standards.

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