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Advanced Filter Options Treating IP addresses as personal data is best approach for businesses - March 9, 2016: It would be prudent for companies to assume IP addresses are personal data.

iapp: Unravelling the mystery of blockchain – Should privacy professionals be concerned?

iapp - July 28, 2016: Blockchain is not a new concept and is derived from a 1979 patent on merkle trees.

Business Insider: The online advertising industry is about to be severely disrupted -- 'it's the amputation of a significant revenue stream'

Business Insider - December 16, 2015:The European Union announced late Tuesday that it has settled on tough new data protection laws.

The Conversation: How EU data protection law could interfere with targeted ads

The Conversation - June 23, 2015: The successor to the 20-year-old European data protection directive has inched closer to becoming law, having been approved by the Council of Ministers, which represents each of the 28 EU member states.

Dataversity: The evolution of big data to smart data

Dataversity - May 26, 2015: The future of Big Data depends on Smart Data.

Fortune: How Do You Regulate the Digital Health Revolution? The rules that guide health apps and activity trackers are a work in progress

The rules that guide health apps and activity trackers are a work in progress.


KLGates: Cybersecurity in Europe: New Obligations for “Essential” and “Digital” Services

KLGates - July 14, 2016On July 7 the Plenary of the European Parliament (EP) gave its final approval to the Network and Information Security Directive (“NIS Directive” or “Directive”) after three years of discussions.

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