Online Advertising Expenditure Report - Quarter ended June 2018 (FY 18)

The latest data from PwC shows that overall digital advertising revenues have increased 11% year on year, while video has increased 45% year on year, indicating that a growing support for digital advertising by Australian marketers.

The research has been supported by key marketers including Westpac, who have affirmed their support for digital advertising describing video advertising as both accountable and effective.

Total online advertising expenditure was $8.5 billion in the twelve months ended 30 June 2018, representing.

Of this $8.5 billion:

  • 44% was attributed to Search and Directories
  • 37% to General Display
  • 19% to Classifieds.


Read the Press Release here.

IAB Members can Download the full report, Excel sheet and Powerpoint deck below.

The Infographic is available to the public.



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