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Australian Digital Audience Measurement and Landscape

On behalf of the media and advertising industry, IAB Australia invests significant time and resources to manage a sole and preferred supplier deed for digital audience measurement. This industry initiative ensures that Australia has a world-leading, independent, inclusive and transparent digital audience measurement system. This measurement system is overseen by the IAB Australia Measurement Council, which consists of representatives from 18 different media and agency organisations, with involvement from the Media Federation of Australia.

The products and solutions in market have been constantly evolving since the IAB developed its first audience measurement blueprint in 2007. Daily Digital Content Ratings (DCR) was launched in 2017 and June 2018 sees the roll out of Weekly and Monthly Digital Content Ratings (DCR). Detailed information on the new roll out has been prepared to help explain the changes and benefits to the market, available below.


DCR Executive Summary 5


Download the June 2018 DCR Executive Summary here.

Learn more about the IAB/Nielsen Digital Audience Measurement solution, Monthly Ratings and Daily Content Ratings here.

Key Benefits of DCR

  1. Deduplicated Cross-Platform View Of Digital Content Audiences
    Desktop, laptop, smartphone (app & browser) and tablet (app & browser)
  2. Daily Reporting Frequency
    In addition to monthly cadence.
  3. Measurement Across All Content Types
    Delivered in a single interface for text, video and audio content.
  4. Cater For Audience Fragmentation
    Methodology is built to cater specifically to the nuances of digital media consumption by overcoming traditional panel only issues.
  5. Off-Platform And In-App
    Content measured and attributed to the publisher.
  6. Plan And Post Evaluate With Consistency
    Consistent methodology with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings - for commonality between media planning and post-campaign validation.

Guide Cover 1

Download the Guidelines for using Nielsen Digital Content Ratings Data here.


Watch the below video on YouTube to get a more complete understanding of DCR.


Key Points of IAB/Nielsen Industry Digital Audience Measurement

  1. Provides the industry with an audience focused measurement system which tracks all behaviour on browsers and apps across desktop/laptop, smartphones and tablets.
  2. The data is inclusive and reports on all properties in an equal manner, regardless of their involvement with the IAB, to provide the industry with comparable data on all players. It is a transparent system that tracks over 6,500 media organisations, brand and channels across three devices in each reporting period.
  3. It is an independent system run by a leading global measurement organisation, Nielsen, with the oversight by the digital industry and the IAB.
  4. The digital audience measurement data and system is continually reviewed by the IAB’s Measurement Council which has representatives of seventeen media organisations and the Media Federation of Australia. The IAB deed requires Nielsen to undergo annual independent audits as directed by the Measurement Council and to take any necessary action to ensure agreed standards are met.
  5. The Australian solution is world leading with a hybrid people-based measurement system which comb

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IAB Nielsen Mobile Panel Pilot – June 2014

IAB Australia and Nielsen have released the second round of mobile panel data from their pilot project tracking 1,500 Australian smartphone and tablet users at the Nielsen 360 conference on July 31. The accurate measurement of mobile media time means that the industry now has a clear picture of the amount of time Australian consumers spend across screens.

Australian Online Landscape Review - June 2014

The online landscape in June saw Australians spend 38 hours online over 64
sessions. With nearly 40 billion minutes spent online with 31 billion pages viewed.
For this month, there were more Australian Males active online compared their
female counterparts.

Australian Online Landscape Review - May 2014

Welcome to the May 2014 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review. 

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - April 2014

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review. Key highlights from this month's edition that you need to know are:

  • 39.9 billion minutes were spent online with 33 billion pages viewed
Australian Online Landscape Review - March 2014

Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Nielsen's Online Landscape Review.

 41.6 billion minutes were spent online with 34.2 billion pages viewed.


Digital Audience Measurement: IAB Measurement Landscape & Positioning

Digital media planning and campaign analysis is changing rapidly as the industry evolves,
consumer habits change and the planning industry moves to an integrated media channel
approach. The world of disparate pieces of unrelated data (e.g. ratings information and adserving data) is no longer sufficient or sophisticated enough for the industry to base their
investment decisions. Australia has historically been a world leader in digital audience
measurement and the IAB through its Measurement Council, comprising members from
seventeen different media organisations, intends to continue to drive the industry to look for new solutions to suit the changing media landscape.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - January 2014

During January 2014, mobile page impressions increased by almost 20 percent compared with December, signalling a return from the holiday period and a record-high for mobile traffic, since the current form of measurement commenced in May 2013.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - November & December 2013

During December 2013, 15.7 million Australians were active online, a reduced number partly due to the Christmas period. On average, Australians spent 36 hours per person online across 60 separate internet sessions. Read more insights in the report.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - October 2013

During October 2013 there were 16.2 million Australians active online. They spent an average of 40 hours and 19 minutes per person (an increase of almost three hours on September 2013) across 63 browser sessions during the month.

Nielsen Online Landscape Review - September 2013

During the month of September 2013, 16.4 million Australians accessed the internet and spent an average of 36 hours online across 59 sessions. Furthermore, on average, Australians spent 5 hours and 20 minutes watching online video and viewed 1.4 billion streams.

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